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Mk.IV Urchin Beest Trap now deployed!

The Mk.IV Urchin Beest Trap is now deployed!

This design is much better thanks to Mr Canis who thought it up with some modifications by meself. It works using a pulley and ratchet system, with gears internal to the cranking drum and a quick release drop when its sprung.

The idea is an urchin wot is being persued by the beestie runs through the trap in any of four directions and out the other side. The beestie follows ‘im through but I spring it and trap ‘im inside.

Lets ‘ope we get ‘im this time!

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  1. Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn December 5, 2010

    Good luck! Mr. Canis is a pretty smart guy, I bet you’ll have that beast caught in no time.

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