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Missing Fox Is Missing…

The 85’s main doors whirred open as Katlyn stormed inside.  The nerve of that guy, insinuating she was one of those…things!  Still, the fact that he knew about them at all meant that he might have been one of the ‘friends’ Lans had mentioned who might be able to help them with repairs, but she wasn’t about to break cover without his say so.  “Yo, foxy, I think I found one of the guys we’re looking for!” she called out.

Only silence, and the low hum of the console, answered her.

Something was off.  Before he’d sent her out to ‘see the sights’ he’d told her he was going to stay behind and make one last crack at fixing the….uh…  Well, she couldn’t remember what the name of the part was, but the thing that determined the target coordinates for navigation.  However, he wasn’t crouched under the console like she would have expected, or even back in the…whatever it was he called the engine room.  In fact the console looked as it had before she’d left this morning.  “…Oh he didn’t…” she muttered to herself, immediatly thinking he’d gone off to investigate some of the weirdness they’d been hearing about…but then she turned and spotted the coat rack next to the door.  On it, was Lans’ coat and scarf…

Something wasn’t right…if he’d gone out, he would have worn those, he always did.  …But then where…?   A quick search of the immediate rooms turned up no sign of him.  There was the possibility he was in that one meditation room, but there was no way for her to check, since that was only unlockable from the console, and HE was the only one who could operate it!  Something about the 85 being ‘touchy around strangers’ and as a result the controls were isomorphically locked or something like that.  And given the nasty shock one of the few times she’d tried to use and of the flight controls, she wasn’t in a hurry to go messing around.

…He’d better be in trouble, she thought to herself, heading back outside, No, rephrase that.  He better not have STARTED trouble, or I really will kill him this time…  She’d better see if she could find that guy again…maybe he could help, or at the least, direct her to someone who could.

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