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Militia Reform


With the recent closure of the militia headquarters and Captain Undertone’s extended leave, it has come to the attention of the Maceholder’s office that the Volunteer Militia has been showing increasing signs of (I’m going to go with) inattention. Looked at one way, this should be seen as a victory – the militia’s strength has thus far deterred our foes. But the threats to our City have not disappeared, and should we allow our strength to wane those threats may surface once again.

((OOC: most of the folks who were officers last year don’t come around much anymore, but I’ve had a few folks express interest in getting involved, so I figured it was time to reinvigorate things a bit. ))

The City hereby announces these reforms, to take effect immediately:

  1. Unify the signals corps. ((Let’s have one inworld group for all militia branches, not several. We don’t have enough participation to support more than one, and RL distraction can kill certain branches easily.))
  2. All officer commissions are hereby released (with the exception of Commodore Dagger), with the grateful thanks of the City.
  3. Open a Militia Recruitment office in City Hall. ((Underway.))
  4. Militia enrollment is now available to the public. ((Join the militia group, get a rifle and a uniform for one or all branches.))
  5. Recruit a new officer corps. Any serving militia member holding property in the City may apply to the Maceholder’s Office (or to a Captain) for a commission in any of the four branches. Officer responsibilities include the following:
    • Represent the Militia – and the City – with pride, in keeping with New Babbage’s traditions, and obey the officers Rules of Conduct.
    • Respect lawful orders from the Clockwinder, Maceholder, and senior officers.
    • Commissions automatically expire after six months, but can be renewed. Commissions can be revoked for cause at any time.
    • Organize or preside over at least one militia event every month. Event ideas:
      • Combat exercises. Naval, aerial, or land-based combat exercises, like the navy’s Iron Melee last year.
      •   Build contests. Contests to design and build vehicles or equipment for the militia.
      • Parades, exhibits, and social events. ((Descending on the Bucket for drinks would count.))
      • RP events. Patrols, exploration, air kraken hunting parties, reconnaissance actions – all are valid ideas. The militia is not a police force, but can be summoned for RP purposes as well.

Facilities and Military Contracts

The Maceholder’s office will authorize the construction of aerial, naval, and land-based practice ranges, to allow militia members to independently (or with groups) practice their skills in and around New Babbage at any time.

The Recruitment Office will feature kiosks for the purchase of militia-related vehicles, equipment, uniforms, and supplies, for those wishing to build or sell official Babbage Militia merchandise. ((We’ll also sell real-world t-shirts (and mugs and bumper stickers).)) Contact Aeolus Cleanslate for more information.

That is all.


Cleanslate, Maceholder


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  1. Wiggy Undertone Wiggy Undertone January 24, 2011

    HUZZAH Mr. Cleanslate!  I think these reforms are just what the Militia needs to move forward!

  2. Jasper Kiergarten Jasper Kiergarten January 24, 2011

     Do you still need the official Militia rifles? I’ve also just finished an official Officers pistol,  and, at the behest of Ansgar Swords, an air service carbine. Are these still required? If so, we’ll need to talk about revamping to suit the new structure.

     Also, Wiggy and I were working on a a HUD which would allow for drill animations, including rifle salute. We had thought it would be pretty sharp for Militia to perfom drills at official functions, especially international events like Fleet Week. Time constraints kind of killed momentum, but I can take some time to talk with someone about moving forward with it. I have a few animations done and can make the rest.

    • Jasper Kiergarten Jasper Kiergarten January 25, 2011

       I should also ask about the desire/need for the rifles to use a combat system. Kandace completed UCS some time ago, but I haven’t talked with her in ages and have no clue if anyone else has developed for it. All of my guns use the UCS bullet as an option and I can make it the default bullet for the militia rifles too, if it is desired. Otherwise it’s Linden Damage and training rounds only (unless there’s another system someone prefers).

       The thing about UCS is that it was designed to work with ICS, and since ICS is the standard for Steamlands ship to ship and airship warefare, it stand to reason that air and sea crews, as well as defending ground troops should be armed with UCS. But that’s just my two cents.

      • Amadeus Hammerer Amadeus Hammerer January 25, 2011

        This sounds very good to me!

        Can you tell me, where I can find the UCS?


        • Jasper Kiergarten Jasper Kiergarten January 25, 2011

          I’m not sure if it is despensed anywhere, but Kandace Commons is the creator. I’m part of the ICS Creator’s Guild so that’s how I got it. I know that she had a bunch of animations that weren’t full perm on the melee meter and that was a problem. Usually, any updates to her systems are distributed through the group. I have a feeling that she probably didn’t do much with it due to lack of interest.

          She and I haven’t talked in months, so I’m not sure

  3. Doctor Obolensky Doctor Obolensky January 24, 2011

    Excellent news!

    While I’m disappointed at your cold reception to my ambassador’s request for a mutual defense pact between Babbage and Obolenskidonia, I am relieved that you are at least taking some steps to prepare for the impeding invasions.

    Obviously, without a treaty, my country can’t provide any direct aid.   But I wish you, and the brave souls of the militia, willing to give up their lives without recompense to the overwhelming forces arrayed against you, the best of luck in the coming conflict.

    -Doctor G. Obolensky, Sovreign of Obolenskidonia

  4. Maltheus Canis Maltheus Canis January 24, 2011

    As a former Aether Corp officer,  I would like to make the new moonbase facility available to aid in the defence of Babbage. We have equipment that would be usefull in providing inteligence on activities all accross the steamlands, being in a somewhat lofty vantage point.

    I am also happy to discuss the possibility of stationing a militia officer at the base to ensure that both science and the saftey of Babbage are served equaly.

    • Byron Wexhome Byron Wexhome January 24, 2011

      ((Stationing the officers on the Moonbase is an outstanding idea…especially if to treat the Moonbase as a FOB (aka outpost).  You could RP desperate defenses against overwhelming martian invaders (or moon-beasts…mechanicals…etc).  Think the Zulu wars…only on the moon and with the type of style only us Babbagers could muster.  I would definitely get involved with something like that…permitting I can clear my plate of a few other things first *grin*))

      • Maltheus Canis Maltheus Canis January 24, 2011

        ((That could indeed be a fun scenario. We would need aether suits, and mebe some tesla rifles. Was also thinking of putting a militia crew member aboard the planned aetherships, to serve as security for potentialy hostile situations encountered on Mars or Venus. Lots of potential for merging the two groups activities ))

        • Clara Corryong Clara Corryong January 24, 2011

          ((I like the sound of it too. I promise to not go on about space trains….. well maybe a little bit! Clara seriously needs to do something aside from annoy everyone.))

  5. DaveDorm Gaffer DaveDorm Gaffer January 24, 2011

    ((As a relatively new resident (and landholder) I am anxious to assist the naval and air militias in any capacity that is needed. I have built a ship repair facility and airship drydock on the Vernian Sea. These facilities have ICS refuel/repair/rearm depots available for Babbage forces. There is also an airstrip “on demand” for fixed wing aircraft, if anyone would like to use it, contact me in-world for the commands to rez the runway.))

  6. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman January 24, 2011

    glad I still have my rifle then.

  7. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman May 10, 2011

    sorry to dredge an old thread back up, but how would someone apply for an officer position if interested?

    • Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger May 10, 2011

      Send me an IM Gren, just to remind me.  I am all over Cleanslate like a cheap suit…

  8. Stargirl Macbain Stargirl Macbain May 10, 2011

    This does remind me, whenever the militia is ready to have it’s recruitment party the build is more than ready. 

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