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Mecharaptor #86 had the cat in it’s sights, the feline was hiding behind a wall. 86 was alerted to his presence when the whatcher began broadcasting. #86 charged up the stairs near City Hall shreiking…when the strange tall person yelled “Hold it there, beast!”. *6 stopped, confused momentarily, and stalked over to see what this person thought he was doing, not running away.

[21:47] MetalRaptor eyes the person.
[21:47] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein(kristos.sonnerstein) looks a little momentarily surprised it actually stopped.
[21:48] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein(kristos.sonnerstein): I don’t suppose you can communicate, can you?
[21:48] MetalRaptor stares at the doctor, identifies him as not-a-cat, and shoves past
[21:49] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein(kristos.sonnerstein) flashes a sharp toothed grin with a flick of his forked tongue. “Least Arnold got a head start..”
[21:49] MetalRaptor looks around, and growls, before turning back to the one who distracted it
[21:49] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein(kristos.sonnerstein) attempts a look of innocence.

[21:50] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein(kristos.sonnerstein) leans back from the snarl before snarling back with a gutteral sound
[21:50] MetalRaptor comes right up to sonnerstien and snorts hot steam at him’
[21:51] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein(kristos.sonnerstein): Not my fault you can’t follow your programming well, is it? No sense huffing at me, is there?
[21:51] MetalRaptor lunches and snaps it’s brass teeth an inch from his face
[21:52] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein(kristos.sonnerstein) jumps back with a startle.
[21:52] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein(kristos.sonnerstein): Now I wish I had my staff with me to whang a few dents into that head of your’s..
[21:52] MetalRaptor shreiks at you , then remember’s it’s purpose, runs off to find the cat.

Mecharaptor #86 looked all around, but couldn’t find a sign of the cat. Then it heard the shreiks of the others in the distance, and raced to catch up…

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  1. DoctorDinosaur Runner DoctorDinosaur Runner August 7, 2012

    #101 was scouting for the cat, the other’s went left, it went right. But now it was having problems.
    It’s whatcher had even lost sight of the cat. #101 watched #86 suddenly leap over a gate blocking an alley, and take off sprinting left.
    #101 had no clue what was going on in 86’s cognigator, and was about to shrug it off and continue searching when it felt it was being watched.
    It turned to see noone. Possibly it was a stray frequency from a whatcher, so 101 continued, then got the feeling again.
    It spun around and caught sight of someone ducking around the corner. 101 was proud to be the cleverest of clever saurian automotons,
    and pretended to ignore the follower and continue it’s hunt, until it was sure the stalker was out, then whipped around.
    The follower stood there, knowing he was caught, a tall humanoid with pointy ears and long hair. The mecharaptor’s
    identification registered it as ‘not-a-cat”. 101 decided to scare away the Not-a-cat.

    Letting out a bellow, it charged at the man, who took off running. 101 chased him around buildings, until the man ran through the gate in the alley,
    slamming it shut behind him as 101 barrelled into it. The man gloated at it as the mecharaptor’s cognigator went into
    primal rage mode. 101 kept slamming itself against the gate, reaching through to claw and snap at the man, who nonhalantly walked away.

  2. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold August 7, 2012

    I don’t know whether to be more worried at the fact there are over one hundred of those things roaming town right now, or upset that the Dr.’s bravado had only been while in my ear shot.

    • Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein August 7, 2012

      Tsk! You were well away for much of it. And I am plenty brave enough, but not stupid enough to try and take one on unarmed. The first I ran into didn’t outright attack, it just threatened. I just hope you got away safely.

    • DoctorDinosaur Runner DoctorDinosaur Runner August 7, 2012

      to be fair, at least 2 exploded, 1 fell into the sea, a couple were lost to the portal device during the takeover of the clockhaven powerplant, one fell down the shaft under the gangplank, about 20 were lost when the time-egg overloaded and trapped dr. D in parrallel worlds, not to mention the countless ones that have fallen off the deck of the Klaw unprepared, were destroyed during tests of new weapons and devices, or destroyed in one of Dr. Dino’s temper tantrums.

      Then again, they are being assembled in the factory 24/7, so you can expect them to be fairly expendable

  3. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse August 7, 2012

    Malus jumped. “Did you hear something?”

    “Not me.” replied Bert the street painter as he sipped on his morning coffee and tried to finagle the arts section from Emerson’s paper.

    “Like what?” replied Emerson, pursing his lips, finally relenting and handing Bert a section of the paper.

    “I don’t know.” said Malus, looking off in the direction the street. “It sounded a bit like one of the trams slamming into something metallic.”



    • DoctorDinosaur Runner DoctorDinosaur Runner August 7, 2012

      ……and all the ones lost to trams, we’re still working out why they have a habit of pausing on the tracks in front of oncoming trams, possibly they mistake them for female mecharaptors?

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