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Men Of Faith (Dark Aether)


Father Tristan,

I have an update regarding the situation in New Babbage.

Since these machines about town have surfaced, we have not heard much news on them. Curiously the locals do not seem to have much to report on the machines. As I am reminded by Sister Loxely, the people may not wish to openly discuss the state of these machines because they give off an ‘eerie’ feeling. Superstitious hokum, I say. For some reason, I expected more from the population.

I have taken the steps to procure one of these canisters and have it brought back to the Church for study. The Melniks (see dossier NBbg-108917) have agreed to hand over their own as soon as they can liberate it from where it is currently resting.

The urchin lad by the name of Gadget (see dossier NBbg-573109) came to us recently with news that a man of the “Malkuth” (dossier to follow when I have enough information to create one) was seeking “men of faith”. Apparently this man aided the people last year concerning some problem regarding a homunculus, so we felt compelled to meet with him, if for no other reason than to curry a little favor with some of the people. Unfortunately this man decided to include the Dagon cultists in his request.

With that in mind, I did not have high hopes for the meeting, and it seems I was right. The man known as Sebastian of the Malkuth is a worshipper of some goddess and he seemed to have quite a lot in common with the cultists. He spoke out against science as a “new faith that carries no sympathy for the world around them”. He spoke out against progress, claiming it was weakening his goddess. Good riddance, I say.

The Dagons, not surprisingly, seemed to believe the same. That men were not capable or evolved enough to deal with our progress. Clearly it is they who are incapable and unevolved, a point that I took great pleasure in reminding them.

He went on to tell a fanciful tale of a boy from long before the Empire. This boy was corrupted by a tree that drew power from a world of “Dark Aether”.  This power communicated to him the secrets of alchemy, which he used in the create homunculi. However, the Alchemist was unable to complete the homunculus. Apparently, the failure was by some design, and that failure has led to the events of the present day.

I do not believe a word of this, but it is an intriguing story nonetheless. I would be happy to see it propagated as it shows the futility and possible destructive nature of dealing in the so-called “black arts”.

Sebastian said that the faith of the people in New Babbage was becoming more self-centered, and the people needed to get back to believing in something other than themselves. I could not agree more with that statement, but he refused to advocate any one particular faith. He didn’t have an answer for anything that might be happening in town. He had no knowledge of the machines, the writer, or anything, really. He offered no solutions. Just a tall tale and the advice that the people needed to get their faith back. In anything, it would seem.

While I found all of this utterly useless, he did mention a cabal of men called the “Van Creed Society”. This group wishes to take advantage and “abuse” advancement.  I should like to seek these Van Creed men and come to understand their true intentions. Perhaps they are simply misunderstood, like so many of us are.

More to come, Father, as the situation develops.

May your Hammer swing True.

Brother Scorpio

((The views of Brother Scorpio are his own, and not necessarily indicative of the Church of the Builder and the other Brothers and Sisters. This is communication is private and any information you may read would be considered OOC knowledge.))


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