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Petra Flax

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Petra Flax

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aka Petra Two-Fists; Junk Queen; Morlock’s Bane; troublemaker¬†

prefers lately to be referred to as “Hoss”


Petra hails from the small town of Falun. She used to co-run the Silverfish Hotel with her mother, until the elder Flax deteriorated into dementia praecox (becoming The Mad Woman of Falun), at which point Petra began working for the Pipco Mining Company, performing various odd jobs.

She eventually heard about the Babbage Urchin Militia, and hopped a train south to join, arriving just in time for the organization to be disbanded. She soon after gained employment as Head of Security at the Gangplank Public House in Clockhaven,where she dispenses harsh justice with the help of her trusty baseball bat, Mr Lightninghouse.

She tries to act like an adult, but is in fact very immature for her age.