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Fauve Aeon

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Fauve Aeon

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Maestra of Comparison Heaven, a visual comparison database for ball jointed dolls


Evidently the archives ate this profile. Great. It may be saved in a file somewhere.

Meanwhile, here’s the L$99 version:

2008 – shortly after Fauve resolved onto the world grid, her avatar consciousness was transferred permanently into the form of a clockwork doll. It was a marvelous fit and freed of the shackles of burdensome humanity, she was happy to devote herself to Mr Aberdon and their adventures, all purely creative pursuits, the Clockwork Hearts group and the Doll Factory at All Dolled Up.


– LEA artist, when LEA was. Photography, builds, narrative.

– Soloist and costume mistress for Ballet Pixelle, a blended realities ballet company operating in both SL and First Life, sometimes simultaneously.

– Visionaire photography student. 2019-20

– Editrix of the Aether Salon blog and archive

– Impresaria, professional dilettante

Fauve lives a purposely blended reality in the creative space where avatar and typist become one. For her, consciousness overlaps and neither world is ever completely left behind.

Her typist is a freelance artist and conventionally published author who writes and podcasts for She works on short-term projects several times a year in the Archives of the Kansas City Ballet.

She occasionally submits photography pieces, short fiction and poetry to likely places under both her typist and avatar name but she actively shuns the title of ‘writer with a capital W’, usually much preferring the company of fellow artists, dancers and musicians who better share her sensibilities. It’s always the message, not any one medium of expression that holds her focus and attention.

If you do not understand why there is first life information listed here then there’s a good chance you will not grok the foo of Fauve…and that’s ok too.