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Count Bologna

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Count Bologna

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Count Bologna: the Gallivanting Rogue; Mountebank-About-Town; Charlatan Extraordinaire; The Grand Humbug; Bon VivantĀ 


Rex Bologna was born in Toledo Ohio somewhere around 1840, the illegitimate son of a professional gambler and a prostitute. Raised in a seedy brothel, he ran away at the age of 13 and began selling literature of questionable moral fiber to sailors along the shores of the great lakes.

At the age of 20 Bologna set up practice in Detroit Michigan as an “Indian Herb Doctor”, despite having no professional training of any sort. He was investigated by police after two people who had ingested his prescribed “medicine” had found themselves to be suddenly bereft of life. He absconded to Canada by disguising himself as a bewildered lumberjack.

Two years later Bologna was arrested in Montreal Quebec for wearing military garb and medals he did not deserve, but absconded once again, this time as a hooded monk of the Brotherhood of the Faceless Father.

Six months later, he was in New York City where he became briefly famous as a mind reader and spiritual medium–this career ended with several charges of gross indecency, wherein Bologna absconded yet again, this time by posing as an insane old woman.

No reports were made for several years, until he surfaced in Ravila sporting even more ostentatious garb, and claiming to be a Count. He was chased out of town by a torch-wielding crowd after a severely botched exorcism.

His current whereabouts are unknown.