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Meeting the Asylum head

It had been a couple of weeks since she had been admitted to the hospital.  She did not remember the night well, but the wound on her back was all she needed to know she had been shot.  She remembered clips, but it was all fuzzy.  She remembered hearing voices of those around her the first few days, but not much else.   If she had not been shot in wolf form she would not have survived.  

All she could do now was rest and enjoy her occasional visits from her friends, and of course try and stay awake. Being in this place had caused nightly nightmares… the worse one was when she saw Leon being killed.  He had been missing since the night she was shot.

While she had been preoccupied with these thoughts one day a strange man, short man entered the room and looked down at her.  Her ears twitched as she lifts her head, and she could not suppress a shudder when she sees the look he was giving her.  “umm.. e..ello?”

Canergak didn’t say a word as he studied her with his eyes, looking slightly confused.  His confusion made her a bit more nervous why was he studying her so intently, “ something wrong?”

Canergak moved slowly, his cane hitting the floor as he walked, to sit in the seat next to her bed before he spoke, “Your chord has not truly contracted or accepted the verdagrim…  It is very strange.  It could not have occurred naturally… Strange indeed.”

Lilith blinks, she had heard and knew many ‘big words’ from her time with the doctor who made her…but this had her confused.  “W..what do you mean by that sir?”

“Your chord has not accepted the verdagrim. Though I suppose in this language I would simply state you are not truly transformed into a monster.”  He paused briefly before adding, “You are not far from it though.”

Lilith bites her lip as her ears go flat to her head as her body quivered.  How.. how could he know?  How could he know what I am? Who was he?

Canergak inspected her wounds again, more deliberately, ” One of their kind would have healed by now.”

Lilith squirms as she knew the wound on her back had been healing at a humans rate, “I… I am… different from others…”

“How did you avoid contracting the full…curse?” Canergak took on a look of disgust at having to use the word curse.

Lilith blinks, having to think a moment “I…. it was … its hard to… umm explain… but I… someone altered me to be like this…”

Canergak nodded with satisfaction, “I suspected as much, you were the result of a scientific experiment.”  Lilith looks down ears flat to her head, but Canergak continued without notice,  “I am sure you were honored at the time to be selected, but you risked becoming that which must be put down.”

“I did not have a choice…… I was his ward….”

“Ahh, as my own specimen are mine.”  Canergak replied, accepting her explanation as a matter of course.

Lilith slowly looked up, unable to stop her body from shaking, “Your… own… specimen?”

“Do not be afraid, I have no interest in living creatures.”  He said finally, “My specimen are quite dead.  Or not truly alive.”

Lilith nodded slowly as she listened to him, but shuddered nervously as the stranger left and she hugged her legs to her chest, forgetting her wounds.

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