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Meet the Author: Ceejay Writer (Fantasy Faire)

‘The Flight To Brassbright’ is the first of ‘The Brassbright Chronicles’
books to be released. The series has origins in the Second Life
Steampunk city of New Babbage, having started as a ‘simple’ bio for the
city’s web-based forum. The bio ran a bit long, and turned into a blog
post. The post cried out for more, and became a short story. At this
point Lori knew that Ceejay (now Constance Jessamine in the novels) was
insisting that a book happen. It took a while, was set aside more than
once for matters of real life, but Lori states it was always a complete
pleasure to write. In rather quick succession, two more novels came to
life during Nanowrimo Novembers. They are in rewrites and edits
currently, with ‘Down The Tubes’ aimed for a Summer 2015 release, and
‘The Hidden Doors’ perhaps might be ready by Christmas.

Learn more about The Brassbright Chronicles at

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