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Marikesh Mondrago celebrates its 5th anniversary

Five years ago the original Mondrago was lost to the sea and the aether.  Five years ago its citizens were left homeless and scattered looking for a new home.  Five years ago Mondrago was returned against all odds from the sea and its citizens returned home.  

Musical events:

Join us this weekend forthe Rejuvenation Celebration of Marikesh Mondrago beginning with a special Friday October 28th with a set by Nyree Rain in Elephant Square from 5 to 7 pm slt

On Saturday the Mirage of Mondrago will be hosting the Rejuvination Ball.  Silks or ‘formal pirate’ attire is suggested but unnecessary.  Join us in celebrating the return of Mairkesh before heading to the ScreamPunk Ball    6 to 8 slt

‘Adventurous events’

For the more adventurous spirits we also have some more thrilling ideas in mind.  
On Friday after Nyree’s set get ready for some aerial dogfighting as we take to the skies in airships designed for aerial combat! Fight for glory and honor against pirates and everyone else in the skies!  7:30 slt

And on Saturday and Sunday, there will be guided tour of the tunnels beneath Marikesh Mondrago.  The event will be in character and there may be some unexpected surprises.  It’s suggested all parties bring their weapons in case we are ambushed by nefarious bandits or monstrous creatures lurking below our peaceful city.  

Saturday’s tour will be at 2:30 SLT  Sunday’s tour will be at 5 SLT

We hope that you will join us in celebrating five years of Marikesh Mondrago.

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  1. Loki Gearhead Loki Gearhead October 29, 2016

    * cuts up his clothes to prepare for his jounry to the warmer weather of Mondrago

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