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March 11th – Musings

March 11

Dear Diary,

A parcel from Mom arrived at the Porthead this morning. Miss Tesla brought it up to me first thing. It was with great excitement that I unwrapped it. The new hand-knit sweater is beautiful. It is perfect for spring. I am wearing it now. I smell home in it as I hug it close to my body.

I will not make it home for my birthday this year – again!! I feel terribly guilty about that – to the point where I lose sleep. I know my mother wants to see me and I do miss her so. She is getting so old and before all has been said it will be too late to say any more.  But the timing is never right. I am so busy right now, caught in the minutia of my own design, trying to find my place in this city and trying to complete my studies. It is only now, after almost two years that I am finally starting to meet people and find my voice.

From the practical perspective, there is the cost of travel. The stipend that father left me when he passed away once seemed like the riches of Midas. But now it barely covers my rent, food and other life expenses. Miss Tesla has been kind. She has not raised my rent in almost two years. But the cost of food is on the rise and I need new boots.

Cuffs is gone – sold and remodeled. I hope Sky and Scottie Melnik are safe and happy. Sky was the first person in New Babbage other than Miss Tesla to talk to me. She even let me ride her horse once. I rode it from Cuffs to the Excelsior Hotel. But now Sky is gone. You would think I’d be accustomed to people disappearing, it is such a common occurrence in New Babbage, but it always seems to catch me by surprise.

The Brewery is reopening next door. I remember Cyan from before he moved out of the Port – and now he is back. I’ll keep an eye open for him and say ‘hi’ next time I pass by.

A short walk up the street is the Gangplank. After so long in this city I have just recently started going in and am finding I really like it. It is very friendly with lots of people. The bar is staffed during the day by a woman named Momoe. I go in sometimes to chat. She is friendly and makes me feel welcome. As I write, I wonder why I never stopped by there before.

With Spring in the air I feel like getting out to explore. I love all the hidden nooks and crannies in New Babbage. It is a wonderful city for that. I hear The Imperial Theater has had a makeover and have to see it. That is next on my to do list. Perhaps I may even have a peek down that alley at the refurbished Red Dragon.

Finally, I’ve already seen posters for this year’s Oiling Festival – my third since living in New Babbage. How time passes! And who knows… perhaps this will be the year I build a big honking machine. Imagine if I won – I might actually be able to afford to go home.

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