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Making Christmas (Dinner)


Maggie was in the sort of good mood that was catching.  She sang carols and, when she got tired of carols, sang all the old songs her mother had taught her.  People passing by, even if they could not hear her, would suddenly find themselves feeling lighter and more hopeful than they had in days and, for some, years.  Her mood was so infectious that Miss Macbain found herself grinning as she helped spread the Christmas linens across the battered bakery tables.  

Even Kaylee sang the chorus of a song as she helped nail garland up and locked the door and drew the curtain on the bakery for the night. 

Now Maggie sat, feeling light as a feather.  Listening to the goose crack in its pan, the smell of bread and pies wafting around her.  All of her troubles melted away and were replaced with the sort of pleasant anxiety that comes with the anticipation of guests.  Four places were set at the table of honor with plenty of places to sit if more came. 

She knew Tenk would come, but the rest…well…Lilli she hardly knew and Molly so far away and Pocket….Pocket.  But for some reason, she wasn’t worried, she knew it was going to be wonderful.  

If you had asked Maggie how it was that she knew that it was going to be a good night, no matter what happened, she wouldn’t have been able to her finger on it.  She would have just said that of course it was going to be a good night.

It was Christmas. 

The one time out of the year where it seemed anything was possible, even the impossible. 


((Hehe, Merry Christmas Everyone!))

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