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Makeing Plans

The howling had stopped, but Leon thought hard about why… how….. who… His thoughts wandered until he heard Arnold enter the Gangplank and lay on the couch.  He looked over and nodded before slipping from his seat to sit on the couch next to the cat.

Leon waited and zoned out while he was thinking, he was tired and the faint smell of the sewer had not been easy to get off and still lingered. As Squire and the last of the others left he finally took out what he had found, “Do you know what kinda animal has this kinda claw?”

He held up a fairly thick canine like claw, and the cat nodded slightly.  The two spoke late into the night before Leon tried to think as they come up with some rough ideas on how to handle this.  The werewolf was a friend of some of the urchins, the boy Snow, Arnold had recognized the scent on the tuft of fur Leon had collected.  

Leon knew it was needed that they got help from others, especially those who knew the sewers. Arnold recommended Tepic as he nestled back onto the couch, but the hard part was Snow was not in the chamber anymore.

Whether he was being held there against his will, or was there on his own, the danger in the sewers were rising. Leon knew this all too well after his encounter with three rats of unusual size. If he had not gotten onto something solid and drawn his blade in time he could have been killed. As he watched Arnold fall asleep he decided to head back for another look.  

As he made his way into the sewers Leon was careful as he tried not to get any attention of the rats. He made his way slowly back to the chamber Snow had been in and started to look for any other clues. He knew it was risky but Snow was out there, and they needed as much as they could to help him.

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