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Maestro’s Log: 9 December, 188~

9 December 188~

My investigation continues to run smoothly, now that I have

gotten on the scent again. How the quest fills the heart with youthful vigor! I

feel I must take pause to comment on some observations I have made. Firstly, it

occurs to me that with everything that has been happening, there would be some

sort of police or even militia presence in the city. Yet from what I have

observed, the most active group involved in trying to catch the beast has been

the street urchins. Even with the aid they have received in building their

traps, you would think that the government might have had a more active role.

Nothing against the urchins of course! I rather commend their bravery and

ingenuity in trying to protect against a danger not being addressed by those in


Likewise, where are the police in the investigation of Mr.

Blindside’s disappearance, correction, murder? It has been quite easy to tamper

with, shall we call them, “locations of interest.” I have seen other groups of

people also doing their own independent inquiries as well. While I rather enjoy

the chance to use my extensive knowledge of the universe, might we be a bit

safer with some officers patrolling the streets? Then again, I’m not one for

authority. I’d probably just ignore ‘em anyways.

On an unrelated note, I hope to hear more from Mr.

Cleanslate’s explorations of the mainland soon. The archives don’t say much

about the geography of this world (perhaps cartography was not considered very

high on the list of approved scientific fields?) The other day I saw a pack of

Tigers (not to be confused with tigers) walking down the street. It reminded me

of the time I spent visiting the Ozian countryside, when sentient Animals were

not an uncommon sight. I wonder if perhaps some of those Animals ended up on

the shores of Babbage after they were exiled from their homeland?

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