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Maestro’s Log: 8 March, 3129

8 March, 3129

 I am more thoroughly rested, though some time in a zero room

is still needed. I have truly lucked out! After I took a small nap on the fold

down bed I began looking around, as this is not my TARDIS. I do not know whose

ship this is, or how it found its way into my vessel, but I am truly thankful.

After changing into a fresh set of clothes I began to look around.

 It appears that the craft has been in transit awaiting

further coordinates. I have decided to head back home to New Gallifrey to inform

the council about my adventure the past month. I am sure they will want to know

of my exposure to the zombie infection, as well as the tinkering that Mr.

Mornington was doing. As this is quite a small craft, obviously used for

emergencies only, or perhaps minor scouting missions when need be, I believe I

shall leave it on New Gallifrey. I am packing a bag with some spare parts in

case I need to make minor repairs to my TARDIS. I have also found a Vortex

Manipulator, which could come in handy in the future. I am ready to be home, so

the TARDIS is programmed now to head to New Gallifrey.

 Later – It is strange. I arrived at the center of the

Panopticon on New Gallifrey, expecting to find it full of activity. However, it

was deserted. Why, I cannot begin to know. As there was no one to speak to, I

travelled via Vortex Manipulator to the Altera Station. Finally, I was able to

make use of a zero room and get some much needed care. I feel fully restored. I

must make sure to have one installed in the TARDIS next time around. Just in

case. My next stop was the library. I found information on New Babbage and did

some reading on its history. I needed to know if the presence of an undead

automaton had any negative consequences on the flow of history. Fortunately, it

does not appear that any unwanted side effects developed from my time in New

Babbage. I kept reading, seeing mention of a horrible beast in the city. This

must have been the beast that I kept hearing rumors about while I was there. Not

much is written about it, which peaks my curiosity.

 I also saw in the books mention of an “Orpheus Angkarn” in a

section about townspeople trying to rid the city of the beast. This worries me.

That is the name in the journal I uncovered before I had the zombification

incident. No one else, especially not from New Babbage, could have known that

name, and it is highly unlikely that such a name would be used in multiple

locations I have had association with. I can draw only one conclusion from

this. I must have returned to New Babbage and, in an effort to keep my true

nature hidden, assumed a pseudonym. Knowing this, I cannot do anything BUT

return to New Babbage. Trying to do otherwise will alter my own personal

timeline, but more importantly, could drastically alter the future of New

Babbage. It appears I shall be investigating this beast and “the Order of


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