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Maestro’s Log: 8, December 188~

8 December, 188~

 I feared I had hit a dead end in my investigation. The crypt

I was brought to was not the crypt of the Malkuth, so I abandoned the

investigation for a time and instead did some research in the City Archives. I

am particularly interested in the 13 Club. I saw many stories about them in the

archives, and more and more reference is being made to them in my

investigation. On a side note, I wonder if I was not too far off in my Malkuth

and Cthulu comparison. According to film in the archives, the Porta Terrarum

device which I saw mentioned in the loft above the café was apparently used

years ago by the 13 Club to open a tear in the sky. A tentacled monster very

closely resembling the Old Ones almost came through to New Babbage. Something

to ponder. Anyway, I believe it is time to retrace my steps, starting from the

Cobblestone. This mystery is becoming more complex and I fear I may be getting

in over my head. Nevertheless, I still feel obligated to help solve this

terrible mystery before any more blood is shed and lives are lost. I believe it

best that I save my findings for my final report. It is clear to me that the 13

Club is still very alive and active!

 ((OOC: I am also choosing to hold off on revealing any more

spoilers, as I am discovering just how elaborate a story is being told here. I

shall continue to make journal entries about my character and hope they

continue to be entertaining. As always, I look forward to any comments or RP

opportunities, either in world or on the forum. Thanks to everyone involved in

this developing story for making it so hard to leave New Babbage!))

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