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Maestro’s log: 14 December, 188~

14 December, 188~

It is official; the trail truly has gone cold. As cold as the frozen, bloated remains of Mr. Bernard Blindside. As a result, I have chosen to try to just enjoy New Babbage.

Today I went for a walk and I found myself at the Church of the Builder. It is true; someone has posted some sort of manifesto to the door. I have a feeling that this will have interesting results within the church. I decided to have some fun with this. More on that later.

More importantly, I have located my TARDIS! After it was damaged I had set it to return from the Void once it had repaired itself. I had no idea where or when it would be, which is why I’ve been using the VM. My guess is that it had locked onto that. Everything is as I had left it. I shall have to take it for a spin soon!

I decided that since it was by the church, I would have some Christmas fun. I changed out of my clothes into some armor I had lying around (from a recent trip to Rome) and set up a camera across from the church. I took a picture of myself flying above the entryway – the appearance of a “christmas angel” perhaps? I then developed the plate and had the proof sent to a local paper anonymously. Oh! How my curiosity gets the better of me sometimes!

One thing puzzles me. I don’t know how long the TARDIS has been there. The layer of snow indicates its been a few days at least. It is clearly sitting there, yet no one seems to be aware of it. When I got done with my prank, I decided to ensure that my ship be untouched, so I installed a perception filter to it. No one should be able to see it unless they already know its there. That being said, I should still find somewhere else to hide it.

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