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Maestro’s Log: 13 December, 188~

13 December, 188~

What a tiring day it has been. I have met with a number of citizens and discussed my findings of my investigation. I have written my final report and placed it in a sealed envelope which I shall deposit for safe keeping. Although I have concluded the investigation to the best of my ability, I feel a sense of unease. I have determined conclusively what happened to Mr. Blindside the archaeologist. I know where he was murdered and for what purpose. Unfortunately, the evidence does not lead me to who, at least not as of yet.

I have spoken with Gadget and he tells me the urchins have found the same conclusion, and he has some very plausible suspects, which I must admit, I can see no flaw in his logic. The problem lies in the fact I have no idea where the suspects lie in hiding. I have a feeling that I, along with all of New Babbage, must wait for this story to play out to its conclusion. While I was hoping to catch the men responsible, I do feel a sense of accomplishment, and I’m sure that just being able to tell the archaeologists family (if he had any) what has happened of him will bring some relief. And if the creature stays crated up and off the streets, then it is a good day.

As I take a moment to pause and rest my brain I look out at the landscape. The snows are falling heavier and heavier here, and I realize that it is almost Christmas. I do enjoy the Christmas season ever so much. I hope the tragedies of the past few weeks do not overshadow the joy that should mark this wonderful season.

Later – No sooner than I finish this entry I find out that the authorities have finally been able to fish Bernard Blindsides body from the port and bring it to the mortuary. Perhaps an autopsy is being prepared. I wonder what more we will learn from this man, brought down in the prime of his life.

((OOC: I have enjoyed travelling across the sim and participating in a wonderful story and I can’t wait to see how everything plays out! Happy Holidays everyone!))

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