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Maestro’s log: 10 December, 188~

10 December, 188~

I write this entry from the lobby of Brunel Hall. The fireplace is blazing the way any fireplace around Christmas should. Mr. Mornington and a lady friend are setting up for a quite festive looking party. I am just trying to get warm and dry. It has been one of those days! Even by this fire, it is so cold!

Later – Mr. Mornington has given me a room for the night. Just being able to get out of these wet clothes feels quite amazing. Where to begin. I realized from reading the note I discovered the other day that another crypt was being referenced to. The odds of multiple crypts being located in one city seemed improbable, which lead me to believe there was some importance to the crypt young master Skyler brought me to the other day. Sure enough, a packet of letters, I believe from Alexander, was tucked away out of sight. I made my way all over the city following the fresh trail, and I have made some startling discoveries!

I don’t want to say to much, on the off chance this journal fall into less trustworthy hands. I shall be organizing the evidence I have collected, and I dare say, I may have a list of suspects responsible for helping the beast escape. The blood of the urchins shall be avenged!

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