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Maddox and the Ghost of Mr Unhelpful

((Consider this an open invitation to be at the graveyard Monday night or Tuesday night, if you want to watch or have some fun! IC, naturally.))

Metier entered the hospital, just going up to meet Maddox without any concern. That night, she’d been dozing, but sat bolt upright when she noticed the spectre. Her heart started to race and she wondered exactly what she could do if he tried to harm her… She’d almost burnt down a house just looking for Helio… She figured that letting it speak couldn’t harm her. Much.

Metier chuckled. I anticipated an encounter with you a lot sooner than this.
Maddox sat as still as possible as she looked at him. “Actually, I was trying to figure out how to banish you from Babbage for good so that you are no longer allowed to harm anyone. But I suppose this will have to do for now.”
Harm anyone?  He laughed again, for good measure. I haven’t tried to hurt anyone Sinclaire.
“My name is Lionheart now.”
So it is, Mrs. Lionheart. So it is. He chuckled yet again as he went to stand beside her looking north west.

She almost bristled at his impertinence. “I left behind that name because you followed that stupid feud. I don’t regret marrying my husband, but at the same time, you were foolish enough to use la PriĆ©re. How did you not see that as foolish? I understand that you are mad, but there are limits, even to that.”
La Priere was the one of the greatest choices I ever made in my entire life.
“Only you would see something like that as great. I find it dangerous and not worth the price.”
He grinned at her and laughed in his maddening way. It’s all a matter of perspective Mrs. Lionheart. Some say we are all born for a reason… I know mine now.
His last laugh was unstable and she tried not to shiver with discomfort. Even dead, the man made her nervous. “Naturally. Is there a reason you’re floating in my vicinity? I do have things to attend to.”

Searching for your feline friend?
This time she did stiffen. “That’s none of your concern. It is my job.”
And I have my job Mrs. Lionheart. Which is why I’m quite disappointed in you.
“You? YOU are disappointed in ME? I find that to be a very stupid statement, coming from the idiot who’s doomed himself to an eternity of nothingness.”
We are all nothingness to begin with Mrs.Lionheart!
As the spectre continued to laugh,she had to put a hand to her forehead. “I don’t have time for this. I have to find Arnold. Do you have a point , or are you bothering me simply because my husband is nowhere around?”
There is no point Miss Lionheart, however I did have a reason to come here tonight.

“Then please get to what you came here for. My head is going to pound soon and I would like to go back to the quiet before I have to deal with that.”
Simply that I want to speak to you, your husband, and as many of you who are trying so hard to get rid of me. I’m going to give you the opportunity.  And I don’t mean a test like the hat, I mean an actual opportunity.
“I’m sure that they will agree with me when I mention that I finally have a solution to Babbage’s newest ghost pest problem.”
If you intend to speak with the city you can do so before we meet. I’d actually highly recommend it!

“Perhaps I will. But please do tell me where we can all meet you for this golden opportunity.”
The same graveyard as my hat.
“Of course. When?”
Monday or Tuesday would be good, choose a time best for all involved. Anyone who’d love to see me gone.
“Do not be too surprised if that is a large group.”
 I know, they’ve made it a point to show how my efforts have gone underappreciated! Why, only Emerson thanked me thus far for anything, and that was for getting rid of your friend Arnold.

“He….WHAT?!?” Her eyes grew hard and she cursed in a long line of French that would leave the shortest bluehaired old lady gasping for the shame of repeating such things. “Now I seem to have MORE reason to teach Mr Lighthouse a lesson he will not soon forget.”
Well, I shall see you on Monday, or Tuesday.
As the ghost laughed and departed, Maddox was sure of only one thing. “I will be sure to see you as well… bane of my existence.”

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