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Lost yourself in Clockhaven, eh?

It was a very dark night. The clouds above were so thick that even the moonlight was blocked. A light haze had settled in the streets, blanketing streetsigns and pathways with a sort of darkness that makes it harder to see when you shine a light on it. Conditions such as these make it woefully easy to get lost.

And so Henry Jekyll did. He swore the tram he was riding was taking him to Babbage Square, but instead he found himself stranded in the middle of what he assumed to be Clockhaven. It wouldn’t have been so bad if said tram didn’t turn round and leave without him. ‘Brilliant,’ Jekyll mumbled to himself, ‘I suppose I’m going to have to ask one of the residents for directions…’

Jekyll had not expected anyone to reply, for not a soul was walking that street at the moment. Yet, he heard an all too familiar voice awnser him from the back of his mind:

‘Well, maybe ya shoulda read that sign on the bridge that said “SIT!”, Numbskull!’

‘Not now, Edward…’ Jekyll sighed, shaking his head as he made his way down the street. Talking to a man who was not physically there would make one look insane, so Jekyll tried to avoid further conversation with his other personality, yet Edward Hyde continued to share his thoughts anyway.

‘And another thing,’ Hyde’s voice rattled in Jekyll’s head, ‘How do ya think we’re gonna find someone to talk to at this ruddy hour?!’

Jekyll simply signed and moved on, ignoring the voice in his head. He reasoned that perhaps there might be one person around here that could help…


Of course, all the shops seemed to be closed for the night, and Jekyll was left alone to sit at the edge of a gear-shaped fountian in the middle of a shopping center. Poor Jekyll was burying his head in his hands as Hyde’s voice continued to mock him.

‘Come on, now. Admit it, I was right.‘ From the tone of that voice, Jekyll reasoned that Hyde would be grinning from ear to ear if he currently had a body. Jekyll mumbled sadly, admiting his defeat. ‘But what else am I supposed to do?’ he asked his other self, ‘How do you think we’ll be able to get back to the museum?”

‘I dunno,’ Hyde verbally shrugged, ‘Go through the sewers or something?’

‘Heavens, no!’ Jekyll rubbed his forehead thinking he might be developing a headache.

‘Why not? Ya think the rumors are true?’

‘No, but who in their right mind would go into a sewer in the first place, much less live in it?’

‘Maybe those sewers are bigger than ya think!’

‘Why would you say that?’

This time, Jekyll received no awnser to his thoughts. Instead, the headache quickly grew worse, and the aching spread throughout his body. By the time he realized what was happening, it was too late. The unfortunate doctor cried out in pain as his features began to morph and change. He shut his eyes and grit his teeth, only to black out for a moment or two.

As the pain finally melted away, Edward Hyde found himself sitting at the edge of a fountian, dressed in Jekyll’s oversized clothes with the glasses nearly falling off his face. Hyde stared at his body in a disoriented haze, before his lips curved into a sinister smirk.

‘…Perfect timing,’ Hyde growled, removing the glasses and pocketing them, ‘Let’s have a bit of fun, shall we?’

Jekyll mentally protested in vain, for he was suddenly a prisoner in his own body, and the monster known as Hyde was loose.

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  1. violet Solano violet Solano February 24, 2015

    oooh omig , give this one a job!

    • Nyanka Jinx Nyanka Jinx February 25, 2015

      A job? What sorta job are ya talkin’ about? – Ed Hyde

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