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Little Black Book: Preparations



Made drop rounds with Petra, much faster with both of us working. Better that she stays street side. Still no luck on rampart entrance. Maybe looking for irregular mortar from inside wall would show where a passage was sealed off. Wonder where Thomas is. Not like him not to see me. 

Wagon packed. Horses have arrived at stables but need to rest before ready to work. Bet Emerson doesn’t even know how to drive a team, that’s why he won’t let me stay behind and mind the store. 


Continuing late night discussions with Lapis on the qualities of leadership. He is more candid if I can  get him talking when he is doing something else, like playing or fencing, rather than sitting in discourse. He is quick with the mace, already combining the island technique with something I do not recognize. It is hard to imagine what he must have been like at my age. Must find a way to get him to talk about his politics. Why is he still just a brother? Doesn’t make sense!


They’ve been watching us. I can hear them murmuring, but can’t make it out. Lapis doesn’t seem to notice, or the bastard pretends not to. I can never tell what his agenda is. Mortimer is always excited if he sees us practice or hears Lapis playing, and babbles about literature when he sees me later. I can’t figure out what he is going on about. Today I will have to tell them I am leaving. 




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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs March 27, 2013

    ((*looks at the tags*

    Oh, great.  Now I’m imaging Emerson singing.

    Of course, if that’s Emerson, that makes you Clint Eastwood.  Which means you’re not sneering all the time, you’re squinting. *grin*))

    • Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse March 27, 2013

      Wait, wait wait, hold the horses! He’s the punk so I have to be Clint. Just think, I can whisper intimidatingly under my breath for the entire 29 hour (a rough estimation I have no idea how long it is actually) wagon ride: “Do ya feel lucky, well do ya punk? Go ahead…”

      *snickers and mimes shooting motions into the air*

      I love road games.



    • Martin Malus Martin Malus March 27, 2013


      She’s right, Sir Sir. I do a better squint. I get to be Clint.

  2. Petra Flax Petra Flax March 27, 2013


    No… I’ve been practicing all these sneers… I can’t give up now.


  3. Lottie Lottie March 27, 2013

    Mr Emerson has the hair and the age for Lee Marvin.

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