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Little Black Book, Nov. 29th

Went to City Hall today to try to find underground survey charts. Underby is a prick! Shouldn’t this be public records? Made request to see maps, he told me I could have a copy of the maps under the Gangplank. He also said the only way into Clockhaven through the underground was through the main sewer run under Prince Dakkar. HA! Shows you what he knows. Why doesn’t the Mayor know what is in the archives?

Have walked off distance to Brunel from intersection, but still not sure exactly where the wine cellar is. Will morlocks dig a tunnel if directed? If I can steal his liquor, I can use our liquor budget to by meat for them. There must be old passages down there that were sealed off, how else would Brunei get a new cellar without a pile of dirt being carted out? Logic!

There still isn’t enough food for them all. They are much like the savage islanders. I fear they will resort to cannibalism.

I will not fail.

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