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Little Black Book, Nov. 25

Finally got a winter coat that doesn’t look like churchie cast offs!

Plank Punch!! Success!! Hope Cleetus has extra hooch made for holidays so we can get a batch started for customers. Might need to find hiding place to keep E from drinking it all. Go-devil runs for winter!!!! YES!!!

Run errands during usual dinner time so Junie will leave dinner and stales out for late night snacks. They come afterwards, “when the voices stop,” as I told them. 

Sharing all I have. I’m loosing weight.

Need meat. 

Was that cat serious?

They don’t like the cold near the surface.

Must see how they live. 

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  1. Spurgan Morlock Spurgan Morlock November 28, 2012

    Spurgan cowered under Thomas Morlock’s gaze and gave his report.

    “Lessis became lost in the waters under the city but I found the place with the cellar.  There is no way in from the tunnels.  There were many rats and crab-creatures there; I beat one against the wall until its insides spilled out of its shell.”

    Spurgan’s mouth watered as he recalled the visceral steam rising into the frozen air.

    “The boy was watching,” he added. “He said to come in the night, when no voices speak from above.  That he will feed us.”

    Thomas was silent for a moment before responding.  “We will go,” he said, “but it is not enough.”

  2. Thomas Morlock Thomas Morlock November 29, 2012

    “Lessis has made the best soup I ever tasted!” said Michael Morlock smacking his lips.

    “And who would know better than you.” laughed old Nebber Morlock, poking fun at young Michael’s girth.

    “Enough! Humor at the meal’s expense is low humor and most uncouth.” said Thomas sternly, picking a stringy piece of gamey meat from between his teeth. He turned to his leutenant. “Spurgan, after you have finished feasting go near the surface. Let me know as soon as the place is silent. Tonight we meet the boy.”


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