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Little Black Book, March 13

Nothing is going right!

Someone got in my room and completely trashed it! Njal must have got drunk and gone up there, she has been following me around ever since I gave her those flowers. That is her idea of making herself at home? 

Or Emerson??? I told him we were out of leaf, I bet he thinks I was holding some back. He has been such a dick since we ran out! I wouldn’t put it beyond him to tear open my trunk to see if I was hiding any there. Dick. Dick dick dick dick. 

I bet Emerson told her I have a girlfriend and she wanted to take revenge on me, that’s it! That’s what I get for being nice and giving her flowers. Why is my love life getting complicated when I don’t even have a girlfriend?

Emerson has ordered a trip to Falun and will not let me stay behind. Could not come at worse time. I am worried about Thomas and the others, I need to be here for them. 

See Lapis again tonight. He’s still a crafty bastard, his lessons make more sense now. Application! Understanding comes with application!


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