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Little Black Book: Issues

I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Emerson was completely on my case about Tobias and that he didn’t think I should hang out with him, and that he smells bad, like he has the right to tell me who I can be friends with. He is taking this feudal stuff way too seriously if he thinks he can pull that crap on me. He’s been like that since Bonfire Night. He even harangued me about it in front of everyone after the fireworks. But now, NOW, he thinks Tobias is the greatest bartender ever. He even tips him. TIPS. How come I don’t get tips? I’m the one that keeps the Gangplank from sinking. At least I managed to get his key to the petty cash box. Amazing how we don’t run out anymore. snark.

Speaking of which, no sooner do I get the go-devil unloaded and get the leaf ready to soak for the next batch of punch, when Njalli comes in asking for an advance. As if! So at least I know Emerson has not cracked the safe yet. And then I asked her where everyone was, she says they are all at the race out on Iron Bay. MY race! Emerson KNOWS I am the best go-devil pilot so he arranges to have the race on the same day that he knows I am up at the farm. DICK.

At least Tobias is still here. I like how he always sets my clothes out and brushes my coat for me, but did he have to go and rearrange all my bookshelves? Again, I am astonished. He knows calculus! He found that treatise on Stokes Theorem that I keep meaning to work through, the one that Dominic gave me. The three dimensional is beyond him, but he is familiar with the foundations and understands how it should work. He said he had gone through my shelves hoping to find some refresher material so he could work himself up to understanding the Stokes. I said I could go to ask Dominic if I could borrow a text for him to use, but as soon as I mentioned the Church he went insane! He seems to have some sort of grudge against the Brothers. What did they ever do to him? He’s been living underground his whole life. How could he have had any contact with them? Did they go down there on a purge?

  • Buy catmint and dandelion, soak for tinctures.
  • 2 new notebooks for calculus scratch.
  • Count stock, compare with night receipts.
  • Double count top shelf bottles and Ravilan wines.
  • Tobias…. chess?
  • Make time for steam baths this week. 
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    • Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin February 9, 2014

      ‘s short fer Richard, so i hears, though how it can be i dunno, cus the letters ain’t the same, still…. is yer middle name Richard, Mr Emerson?

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