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Little Black Book: Cave in!


We moved just in time. Something caused a collapse under the Emporium next to the Gangplank and the entire building went under, and also blocked the passage Thomas used to get to our basement. I told the others. We tried to find a way through but decided it would have to wait. Mortimer is the most curious, I brought him to see from the surface. He like socks, but complains about wearing boots. I can’t possibly find anything that will fit, the have wide feet, like hooves from never wearing them. I asked Thomas if everyone got out. He will not talk about it. He must be upset. I will give him some time to calm down.

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  1. Thomas Morlock Thomas Morlock February 22, 2013

    Somebody is trying to kill us! That is the only explanation I can accept. The boy now has us located under a temple dedicated to some cursed entity they call ‘The Builder‘. I will eat their ‘Builder‘ and pound his bones into flour with a builder’s hammer if there are anymore unprovoked attacks upon us.

    The adherents of this Builder try my patience with their chants and starvation rituals. It gives me a headache. They fast of their own free will! How fortunate for these black-robed self-deniers that I find them so unappetizing.

    The one positive note of late is that someone is planning to house the tender ones all within one compound on Abbney Parkway. How fortunate to have them contained as they are typically so hard to catch. Unlike Spurgan Morlock, I have a weakness for fast food.

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