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life or death hangs by a tale

Omig listened to the whistles getting closer as he tossed the bloody razor and gloves onto the chest of the militia man with the slit throat, the other, the one he’d torn the throat out of,lay there still grasping his single shot pistol, the the same pistol with which Eliot  had been shot in the side before being used to bludgeon Omig about the face and head. what had the idiot cat been thinking, trying to take on two armed militia men with a strait razor,meh the cats insane and the boss knows it, if omig had not shown up he’d be dead and the boss would be in the soup, still the blood flowing into Omigs swollen eye attested to how dearly the man had  held his own life.well not but to try to talk they’re way out of this,its too late to run now, thankfully there was no one within hearing, or eyesight ,who could have witnessed the brawl the little dead end alley has no windows opening into it nor was there anyone to be heard ,or smelled in the area .

Omig froze at the sound of a pistol cocking ” hold still”a slightly panicked voice ordered”now turn around slowly hands raised above your head”

omig turned” more en appy to oblige yer officer”

the militia sergeant and his two companions gasped at Omigs blood stained jaws and muzzle, but the sergeant regained his composure quickly and started to ask questions “what in gods name happened here?”

Omigs shoulders slumped, a sad weary look came over his face as he responded”well officer me and my associate were walking down the street wats behind yer, when we eard a commotion in the alley, we come down and found yer officer there standen over is fallin comrade, old’n them gloves and razor,my friend called out ask’n if e were in need of assistance”

the sergeant looked at the wolf Moreau, contempt marking his face “and what happened then”

“well sir ” Omig continued, glancing over at the bodies , the blood soaking into the gloves and razor   sure to mask any other scent ” your officer turned, dropped them gloves an razer, pulled his pistol shout’n sumthing about, filthy murder’n Moreaus and shot my companion before rushing me and trying to stove me ead in,well i tried te defend my self, as the bruises and cuts on my arms will attest,well sir i saw that he wern’t half mad with fear and grief,and was set on killen me so i ad no choice but to do what i could te defend my self”

the officer looked at the mess of torn flesh that used to be his subordinates throat and at the Moreau’s bloody face “at which point you?

omig nodded ‘aye sir took the only course open to me to save my life,and you can search me sir and you’ll not find any weapons save what god as given me fer my own self defense”

the militia man scratched his chin thoughtfully ” and why should i beleave you?’

Omig shook his head ‘ sergeant were i the killer would i stay around standing in a dead end alley wait’n fer the likes of you to show up?’

the sergeant looked doubtful” but what about your friend?

the wolf pointed at the prone cat ‘were i the type to commit such acts as murder, do you think,i’d onestly trade the possibility of my own hang’n for the life of another killer who may not survive, if he’s not dead already?”

the three militia men whispered among themselves, then the sergeant turned to Omig “very well your under arrest for suspicion of murder and we’ll continue this down at militia headquarters”

the wolf nodded “i’m at your command sergeant, i’ll go willingly in hopes we can sort this matter out, But i request we take my companion to the ospital, it wouldn’t look good fer the militia to ave a suspect die in their care for want of treatment”.



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