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Life Finds a Way

Well this is the first entry I am makeing in this journal… Leon got it for me some time ago but I kept it hidden behind the pickle jar in the vole.. no one saw it so I thought i should start writing in it.

First its been awhile since that strange night and my time in the hospital.. I tend to stay at my hidden home anymore its easier to sleep in my other form, I see tepic stop in now and then to drop me off fresh vole for stew, and Kasa brings in fresh vegies, there both good guys, though Kasa.. someting is odd about that one.. I delt with someone in the asylum awhile back ago looking for Rasend, then Rasend himself.. he was odd though I should not put those notes down.. someone might find out about it all…

I can hear that boy in the court house sometimes, even across the way he is loud… wish someone could help him but as of late its been quite.. maybe I will go check it out. I hope to have a cane soon so I can stop using this crutch. I feel weird needing help sometimes but the pain in my back is that. Well I should get back to work, the vole won’t run itself aybe I will post more some time.

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