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LGBT History Month @ Old Works Gallery

February is LGBT History Month in the UK, and given this typist’s study interests it seemed like a good opportunity for a special (and slightly lazy) event at the Old Works gallery.

Family Histories presents selected portraits of individuals and couples who in some way transgressed Victorian norms of gender and sexuality. Some loved partners of the same sex, others made lives outside gender roles assigned to them by society, and yet others aspired to change Victorian views of sexuality.

The display contains some faces familiar to all, and a few less well known portraits. A side-display includes links to works by some of the individuals featured in the exhibit.

The display begins on Wednesday the 1st of Feb. There is no official opening with exploding tesla coils, but visitors are welcome to drop in for informal sitting-around-chatting on  Sunday the 5th of February to discuss who has been egregiously missed out of the display, why what Vernon Lee really needed was an airship, and whether there’s such a thing as Uranian Steampunk.

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