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Letters to Lily: Missive #3

Lily Hassett
Rte. 23
Village of Nonesuch, Namhae

My dearest Lily,

Although I haven’t time for a lengthy letter, I thought it necessary to dash this off to you. I have news of a most extraordinary sort!

After weeks of walking the city, I finally settled on a piece of property to call my own!

It is a small plot of land in the Academy of Industry section of town, adjacent to a quaint park memorializing a church father who sacrificed himself to rescue others during the Great Fire. It’s a lovely setting just inside the city wall and from what I can tell, a quiet neighborhood.

Although I adore the port, the time has come for me to take the next step toward a more stable existence. For all the romance of a Bohemian style of living, and for all of my adoration of the arts, this vagabond longs for a place to call home. Perhaps I could even entertain the notion of living as a respectable lady! (How I can vividly imagine your smirk, Lily. Please don’t laugh.)

Back to the matter at hand. Because there is no structure on my little parcel, I have engaged the services of one Mr. Elmer Fisher, a very capable architect. The design he drew up for me is charming, and I’ve hired a surveyor to measure the land.  As soon as I can retain an agent to manage the site, construction can begin!

Your offer to purchase ten acres of my Namhae holdings is generous. Please request that Chester enter the transaction with haste on my behalf. This will certainly be necessary to fund my new building project while leaving enough property in reserve for adequate income.

I will remain at the Porthead Tavern until the house is finished. Please continue to direct my correspondences there.

All of my love and admiration,

Your sister,

— Junie



I’m super excited to have found a parcel, but….

When I considered a plot in The Gut, Tenk warned me that it was a really bad section of town.  Really, really bad.  So I kept looking.  What he neglected to mention when selling me land in the Academy of Industry sim is that would make me an honorary member of the Victor1st Mornington Fan Girl Club. 

Now I have to practice dotting my ‘i’s with little hearts, blinking my dewy eyes and swooning whenever Vic is around.  That’s a lot of work!


Thanks, Tenk.  What could I ever do to repay you?  Will have to think of something…


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  1. Giles Berithos Giles Berithos June 29, 2011

    ((Ms. Ginsburg, please, please do not lower yourself to joining the rabble of Vic’s fans.  Instead, might I suggest Byron Wexhome’s fangirl club?  At least he speaks English.))

    • Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg June 29, 2011

      /me wonders how many people in this city have fangirl clubs, and whether the Emperor has one…

    • Stargirl Macbain Stargirl Macbain June 29, 2011

      ((Ms. Ginsburg do not listen to this horrid quack, whose taste in everything is highly questionable and likely to get him a few more teeth knocked loose!))

    • Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg June 30, 2011

      Oh, no, Mr. Mornington has been nothing but a perfect gentleman since I arrived.

      But I’m told that the Academy is where the groupies congregate.  :-)

  2. Victor1st Mornington Victor1st Mornington June 30, 2011

    *stumbles in after being chased by a load of annonymous women around Academy*

    I do not have a fan club, and i deny all existance of it *cough*

  3. Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn June 30, 2011

    Is there anything you DON’T deny the existence of? Haha!

  4. Zaida Gearbox Zaida Gearbox June 30, 2011

    Even little girls swoon for Mr. Victor’s voice.  Though this little girl views him as a Mr. Darcy celebrity type crush.  A knight in shining armor who always behaves like a gentleman (a lot to live up to.  ain’t it?)  and Zaida would be perfectly happy to see her grow’d up man-hero paired with one of her favorite grow’d up ladies around town.

    Now if I can just convince Tsula to practice a Scottish accent….


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