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Letters to Doctor S, Part VIII. Oddments.


     Perhaps me marrying a demon is rubbing off on me, and perhaps my family life was not the best teacher, but I do not pity Metier anything he brought upon himself. I am happier that he is dead, if only for your freedom and mine. And Arnold’s. And everyone else that he did not kill because his insanity simply did not take him in their direction. I know that hate is wrong, but I cannot help it. He was a lunatic. And his lunacy cost people their lives. I couldn’t care less that his corpse is rotting away somewhere. Good riddance to the worst kind of rubbish.
     Yes. I have married a demon. But, Thaddeus, I… I feel for him. I actually feel for my husband. Anyone else saying this to you would not sound odd, but I love him. I understand now what I was so confused about. Speaking to my friends and being with Helio has made me understand now that I do, in fact, love my husband. You know that I will never forget Timothy. Never. But I no longer regret my snap decision. Perhaps had I made another choice, I may not be where I am at this very moment. I have let go. I will mourn for Timothy. I have months left before the proper year is up, so I will continue to do so. I am more than sure that my husband will allow me this.
     The reason that Arnold mentioned a temporary agreement is that he wishes it were so. He wishes that I had held out and not made my decision at all. We both know the other option that I had before me and since neither of you wished me to choose that over what I agreed to, I believe that my choice was the right one. If I had it to do all over again, I would do exactly what I did. And since it was a rushed ceremony, we will plan a new one as soon as we come to a time that’s good for as many people as are involved. There are talks of us acquiring a home in the near future, so I will happily give you the results of that decision as soon as they are made. And in answer to your question, yes. I do know someone with an air vessel. I know many ‘someones’ with air vessels, my Helio included. Do not worry, I will personally join whomever undertakes going home to pick you up. I will greet you on the grounds of home, very soon. This I can promise with certainty.
     Yes. I have agreed to run Arnold’s asylum, and I have spoken to Helio about being co-head with me. He has agreed, and I believe that he will speak to Arnold soon about it.
*chuckles as she re-reads the next bit* Speaking of Arnold, he couldn’t lock me up if he tried. He knows that if he asks me to stay to be safe, if it is within reason, I will do so. He has a terrible flair for the dramatic. He always has. Recently he did something foolish after I specifically asked him not to. He has certain issues, and we both know how and what they are. I see no need to push him towards things he refuses. It’s why I gave up on trying to cure his sleepwalking which, by the way, is still in full effect. I am simply glad that he is making his own way in Babbage. As I am sure that he is somewhat happy that I am making mine… I hope.
     What is there to tell me about the feud? It is over. But as I am happier than I can say that I will see you for the wedding, I will wait until then to hear whatever it is that you want. I miss hearing you speak, Thaddeus. At night, when I read the book I’m embroiled in, I can almost hear your lectures on experimental psychology and how the brain is affected by strong emotion. I can admit to missing classes very much. But I am still learning, have no fear. I had a session with my friend, Miss Yoshikawa, recently. It was a hypnotism session, and it worked beautifully! Everything you taught me about hypnotising patients worked like a dream. I am happy that I took the extra courses on the subject, as it has paid for itself tenfold. I am more happy that it helped her to achieve what it is that she was trying to learn. And on the night of our impromptu wedding, I helped Mrs Rossini grieve for her lost husband.
     It feels good to have patients. Very good. I am happy that I have finally moved past my own heavy grief to help others, as was my full intention when we made it here. You know that I see the good in others as much as possible. I know that men lie. I know that demons lie as well. But in all of my speaking to, and being beside Helio, I get very good feelings from him. I never feel as though he is lying to me. When he tells me something, I never feel as though he’s trying to manipulate me. He genuinely loves me, and when he tells me so, I feel it. It’s not just the blood oath. Though, that will stay in our contracts, because it helps me along so that I know he will change his ways. He will stay a good, true husband and we will help those who come to us… As long as that Canergak doesn’t get in my way. Believe me on that account.
    I must go now, Thaddeus. But as a woman who’s finally come into her own in the world, I can say that things are beginning to looks as lovely as they feel. Life has begun to fall into a normal pattern and I like it this way. I hope that nothing too extreme comes along any time soon…

                                                                                                              Forever Your Student,

p.s. And yes. I am telling you to eat. I have begun to care for myself better and I simply want you to be around long enough to make the trip. I love you, Father.

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  1. Erehwon Yoshikawa Erehwon Yoshikawa August 22, 2011

    Erehwon is grateful for Doctor Maddox’s help in reconstructing those memories. Now she is busy reviewing the schematics of the dynamos used on Cala Mondrago to try to understand how they were sabotaged.

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