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Letters to Doctor S, Part IV. Game plan.

Dearest Thaddeus,

      I am happy to hear from you, as always. And as soon as I can, I will try to visit you myself. Perhaps as soon as Henri is done away with, I can set foot on home soil, if only for a short visit. Perhaps we can go to Bistro Genereaux and have lunch under the sunlight. Just the thought makes all of this darkness around my head clear up just the slightest bit. I am worried about you, being infirm as you say you are. Maybe one of your students can look in on you? There’s no way I can see to you as you should be… Sending money is the only way I can help you. If Peter still attends class, ask him to look in on you and bring you what you require. He owes me a favor anyway.
     Now, on to the drunken rat and his idiocy. The fact that he has hordes of bastard children does not, in the least, surprize me either. He has always been less than a gentleman, so it’s no surprize that he finds women just like him. Ridiculous as he is, that makes perfect sense. Neither does the fact that he drinks wine like water. His family is prone to drunken stupidity, so I can only hope that he decides to avail himself of our fair city’s wineries. He will find them in his favored parts of town and I can only hope he drowns himself in wine before attempting anything. That ought to prove amusing, in the least.
     I have already spoken to Arnold. We’ve had a long talk about things and from the agreement we’ve reached, he has promised to help me. Only today have I asked him to refrain from using himself as a bomb base, and he grudgingly agreed. He’s all I really have out here, Thad, and I can’t lose him… We are great friends. I didn’t mean to imply in my last letter that I didn’t regard him higher than a classmate. I simply hadn’t weathered something this heavy with him as of the time I was thinking about. By now, we have weathered many things… and we are about to embark on many, many more. I am still confident about what I said the last go round. I know who will be fine, who will be injured and who will die. I only hope that things go according to our plan and no one else gets caught in the crossfire.
     I will give Arnold the information that he requires on Henri and we will finish our plans from there. If we are lucky, he will be too drunk to function by the time he sets foot into our trap. Then I can finally be rid of this. It can be done and over with. However, I will be informing my elder gentleman friend, Mr Underby, about Henri and tell him what I can to ready him for the loudmouth that enters his bar. Because of where Mr Underby’s bar is located, I know that the Metier scum will alight there at some point after arrival. It isn’t called “The Gut” for nothing, you know.
    I will make as good a promise as I can to keep safe. I will write you, no matter what happens in this affair. In event of my untimely death, I will have Arnold write you and tell you everything. This I can make good on as a promise. You’ve been good to my family, Thad, and I know that my papa would be proud of all the help you’ve given me. I love you, Thad. And pray that I am still in proper condition to write you when next you recieve a letter from Babbage.


p.s. – Arnold wrote you, right? When you write him back, just write him a long letter about nothing. He may not seem as though he’d enjoy it, but trust me, just the fact that someone else besides me still cares will make him happy.

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