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Letters are Sent

Tepic left the hideout and shinneyed over the back wall, dropping down by the Church enterance. He scampered away to the Gut – best keep some distance from the hideout – and tracked down an urchin.

“Hey Roy! Come here a sec!” he yelled, then the two confered in whispers, the letters, tied round an object, and several coins passed between them. Roy headed off to the Docks, and Tepic sauntered off to his camp, to rest a bit til time for the Vole’s opening.

The letters passed from urchin to urchin, until only a single coin was left, which was taken to the Messenger Station and handed over, with the payment. After all, everyone knew the Messengers could deliver anywhere!

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  1. DoctorDinosaur Runner DoctorDinosaur Runner August 6, 2012

    The mecharaptor looked at the letters, then at the urchin messenger, who peered back at it. “They’s ususually give a tip ye know?”

    The mecharapror stared at the hopeful urchin, opened it’s jaws wide and let out a screetch. The urchin stod there “That’s an im’ressive sound, I hear’d Billy’s bagpipes an’ they weren’t so loud.”

    The mecharaptor snorted and turned to head back to the Klaw, as the urchin started to follow it, still talking, then it ran.

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