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let me show you how it’s done, dearie

Once was the first tv show i have watched as it “aired” online since I quit watching tv. The last show I watched on an actual tv set was probably House when that policeman had it in for him.

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  1. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver June 3, 2012

    grins this was an exceptional build contest ..

    I was so tickled  with both entrees :)

    But Obs and Amd really nailed it .. mho of course  It is Mr. Golds call :)

    of course had hoped for more . but cest la vie ..

    I did grab a few captures of you guys over this Spinning wheel ..

    they start with the lovely Star .. (( sorry i missed this part .. frowns ..))

    but then I did catch when the prince  came over hehe :)

    Anyway .. Idea = see if i can  tweek them a bit  and make a little something

    Perhaps Babbage’s  very own  first grimm fairy tale all it’s own :)

    Spinning Wheel

    The Beauty and Mr Gold .

    with special guest star .. a prince :p

  2. ElvisOmar Oyen ElvisOmar Oyen June 4, 2012

    As the prince in question, I should confess that I didn’t rescue this beauty from her labours with superior skill at arms. Rather, I wandered up and pelted Mr. Gold with nonsense and non-sequiteur until he finally gave up and wandered off to bed, leaving me to print my name carefully into the few remaining slots on her dance card.

    It was all for the best, when all is said and done: the poor girl apparently is incapable of spinning flax into anything more precious than copper. Useful, perhaps—but certainly not what the peculiarly man-sized Monsieur d’Or had been looking for. 

    • ElvisOmar Oyen ElvisOmar Oyen June 4, 2012

      Looking at this image again for a moment, it gives me pause: Mr Clockwinder, sir, did you consider a costume with your standard size? I was thinking: Rumplestilstenk

      • Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg June 4, 2012

        I’m just glad I missed the RumpleTenkSkin.

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