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Late night heist … Maybe. Part 1.

Azura sat quietly in her favorite place, the roof of small shop, looking out over the city. It had been a rather hectic day and it was good just to be able to sit and go over the events of the day.


Her plan to use the strange spider webs from Loki’s Haven against Creaky Gloom went over well with the others, except Tepic. If anything he was violently opposed to the idea ranting about Cloud Angels and such. To calm Tepic, she agreed with the rest that Loki’s webs would be destroyed. She knew that without the help of the others she would never be able to open the steel plate which covered the cave entrance. Her thoughts turned to another possible source of the webs. The hospital.


Word had gotten out that some of the spiders victims were alive and used as hostages.  They were moved to the hospital to get them out of webbed cocoons.  Azura slipped off her barrel seat, rushed to the ladder, and made her way back into the shop.


She stripped down out of her usual clothing and began to put on a diving suit she had planned to use in the cave.  She hated how the tight fitting suit revealed her shape, the same shape she tried to hide so hard for the last year. “Well can’t be helped” she said to herself and put on the oversized and baggy urchin clothing.


Once dressed she emptied out her backpack of non essential gear. She placed the helmet, air tanks, gloves and boots of the diving suit inside. When she was prepared, she grabbed a large envelope with some an official looking seal on it. Being unable to read she didn’t know what it was or even for whom, but it was the seal she would need.


Azura walked over the bridge between her shop and the hospital.  She opened the door and walked in as if she owned the place. She waved the large envelope as she strolled by the reception desk. When the night receptionist greeted Azura she raised the envelope, “Official business, message delivery for Doctor Sonnerstein” and walked right on through the inner doors without pausing.


She would never have a better opportunity than now.  She had just heard earlier today that Captain Hienrichs had moved out of the hospital and into her new home.  The Militia guards had also left the hospital. Azura only had to avoid a skeleton crew of night nurses, orderlies, and other hospital staff.


Once through the second set of door she did pause though as she saw the two door in the small area. ….

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