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Ladies of New Babbage, look at this !!

Now dear Ladies, I am not one to swoon over every item which contains
steampunk. However, I must heartly recommend you visit this site for an
afternoon of steampunk girl power! The site contains every page of every
volume done and the storyline is to kill for (literally). This is an
adult comic so be prepared for some scenes which might offend some of
your delicate natures. But the colors, plot lines, and THE STEAMPUNK
COSTUMES are to die for. The URL for the site with the comic is and did I mention they have a few freebies??


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  1. Clara Corryong Clara Corryong August 10, 2010

    Anyone found not to have read girl genius should be burned at the stake!…

    especially if one frequents our freinds at Steelhead, many of whom are jaegers or other girl genius-y types. (myself included)


    It is indeed my bible

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