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Know Your Foe

A recent article by Mr. Frank Key, reproduced here in part. The full text is at:


It is a good idea to assess the level of enmity your foe feels towards
you before accepting their invitation to meet, unarmed, at the top of a
high tower. If they have a foe-score of more than seven point five, it
may well be that they plan to push you over the edge of the tower so
that you plunge to your doom on the savage rocks below. Less than seven
point five and your foe may simply have chosen a place with breathtaking
views the better to facilitate a little chat, after which bygones will
be bygones.

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  1. Glaubrius Valeska Glaubrius Valeska June 10, 2011

    “Found Poetry” elsewhere on the page is also quite good…


    • Kimika Ying Kimika Ying June 12, 2011

      This is a one which I would gladly meet on a high tower.  ((contemplates Mr. Cleanslates view of the world with admiration and cracks up at the word play))

    • Verlia Bilavio Verlia Bilavio June 12, 2011

      *noms* I’ll place my order for the Pho Tai Nam.

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