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*Klaw Maintenance Drone #4: Orby. recon in babbage sewers*

The short round construct ticked down the tunnel of muck.  It’s gears spinning while it  looked for signs of the cat, or the short humans and moraus that make up the subcategory human.

Orby did not like the sewers, it liked doing maintenance in the engineroom of the Klaw, it’s cogs were not meant for damp conditions like this.  But the maintenance drones were sent out, because the mecharaptors were idiots. 

Orby looked at it’s little metal claws, even if it did find the cat, it couldn’t do much to capture, all it could do is call for a mecharaptor.  It didn’t even get it’s own whatcher to follow it like the brass dinos did.  If Orby had a mouth to sigh with, it would, but it didn’t even have the capacity to feel depressed about it’s assignment, it wasn’t in it’s cognigator.  So it trudged on without audible complaint, ticking away as it’s optical in the middle of it’s round body darted around.  It was already seeing carious busted water pipes, blockages, and inefficient drainage setups.  The urge to repair what it saw was strong.  But orby endured. 

Eventually, it came to a ladder, leading to a manhole, Orby climbed out of the sewer and looked around the street.  A short humanoid shape caught it’s eye.  The drone took out a photograph from the whatcher at the station, it was the urchin with the big fluffy squirrel tail!  Orby ran out into the street to try and grab the urchin’s tail, when something else got it’s attention.  It paused, thinking one of the mecharaptors was coming, then as it got closer, it saw it was no mecharaptor.  

The last thing Orby’s cognigator thought as the angry tram barrelled into it and smashed it’s body to small peices, was “I wish I was fixing the aetheric intake valves instead.”

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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin August 1, 2012

    Tepic, having just dodged round the front of the moving tram, turned on hearing the crash. As expected, the tram contined on it’s way, unaffected by whatever it had hit – they had been much more robust since the redesign….. He went over and examined the wreckage, some sort of small clockwork, with multi-jointed arms and what looked like scattered tools. He carefully picked up the tools, a few springs and cogs, storing them away in case of need. The rest he nudged with his foot to the edge of the road, for the sweepers to clear…

    (Squirrel indeed! Just as well Tepic dosen’t know that, or there really would be trouble! hehehe)

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