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Kitty Hunting

#42 stalked the streets of Babbage, it’s cognigator focused on the task at hand, getting the cat.

As it searched, it’s audiotrinators picked up a slight meow.  There was a small kittin looking curiously at the construct.  42 scanned the creature and it’s cognigator clicked, this was a cat, maybe smaller and less screaming than the whatcher recording, but feline it was.

# 42 let out a warning hiss of steam as it charged at the kitten, the kitten ran, 42 gave chase.


The mecharaptor skidded on the cobblestones after the small flesh and blood mammal.  The furrball was clever,  ducking between the poles of a wrought iron fence just before 42 slammed into it.  Weaving in and out of allys, and darting behind piles of refuse the mechanoraptor knocked apart.

Eventually, 42 lost sight of the kitten as it was distracted by the urchin momentarily.  It knew the cat was around somewhere, where it a real flesh and blood raptor, it could track the thing’s smell, but such was not the case, Dr. Dino having never considered artificial scent receptors.  So it tried screetching to scare the cat out.   Eventually, getting bored, #42 went back to hunting, stalking away from the wagon where the urchin was trying to keep the kitten quiet.

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