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Kittens and Basic Arithmatic

It’s been about nine weeks now since i took on those four kittens, and boy, have they grown! They are also all over everything, eploring and getting into mistchief…. you know, sometimes i can almost understand how Mr Tenk must feel bout all the trouble us urchins cause him…..

Anyhow, since i saw Miss McBain in the Gangplank, several cats started turning up to look me place over, though none of em chatted or offered to help, just nosed around a bit, sniffed over the kittens, then stalked off in that way cats have… Then after a week or so, a couple of mother cats turned up, bringing along their little ones to play with mine, which was alright by me, cus they have to learn to be real cats, an not foxes like me….

Thought life would get easier, with them mother cats helping out, but soon as they cottoned on i had fresh voles, an even live ones, they started dropping their kittens by then heading off fer the day! i guess i’m kitten sitting half the kittens in New Babbage now, and the vole milking is going full streach!

From the look of em, in a few more weeks they will be ready to head off on their own, though i will keep a corner for em when they want to visit….

They all seem to know which kitten is which, not always easy, but i will always recognise my four from their scent. Think they were too small fer names when i found em, but i’ve given em my own names to be going on with.  There is Black-tip, cus he’s got a lovely black tip to his tail, Custard, cus she is a sort of powdery colour, an kept falling in the milk, Ginger, well, cus he is, an Lady, cus she is the little one as wern’t breathing and is sort of delicate an precise, just like one of the New Babbage ladies!

i recon looking after kittens is a bit like looking after rabbits, you expect ter be looking after the ones you got, but they kinda multiply…..

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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin June 5, 2011

    oh… forgot to mention, Evie has been a tremendous help with the kittens, it’s quite funny to see em dash about tryin to catch her hand as she trails it past em! Course, bening cats, they can see her better than i can, which may help!

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