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Kite Festival

[b]When[/b]: Saturday, October 2, Noon to 2 pm SLT.</p>

[b]Where[/b]: Open space north of the Wall in the Academy of Industry.

[b]What[/b]: Kite Flying and Building Contests

The Kite Building contest is sponsored by the Kiergarten Armory and will be judged by a distinguished panel of experts including Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, Miss Breezy Carver and Mr. Jasper Kiergarten. Bring your kite and have it judged! Kites do not have to be scripted to be entered in the building contest.

There will be several 10 minute Kite Flying contests, with altitude being the objective. To enter the Kite Flying contest you must have a kite with scripts from the Questi and Discovolante Mechanical Consortium. If you have built your own kite and wish to fly it, contact Mr. Questi in advance about getting scripts installed. QDMC kites are available at Bolyai Plaza Instruments in Babbage Square and will be available on-site on the day of the Festival.


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  1. Clara Corryong Clara Corryong August 14, 2010

    THis sounds fun! inventing AND kite flying…

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