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Keeping Watch

After failing to gain access to the Asylum from the roof, Tepic decided he needed to think things through a bit more, and maybe some careful observation would reveal the buildings weak spot. After all, villains always forgot something and left a way in for the heroic rescuers, didn’t they?

The Militia building opposite provided the idea location. From the yard inside there was a set of steps leading to the upper floor, with a nice, tall railing round it. He ascended the stairs, climbed onto the railing, and with a jump was able to grab hold of the guttering and using the corner of the wall, haul himself onto the tiles. This placed him in the valley between the front roof and the side one, a perfect place to stay hidden but have a wonderful view of the Asylum and it’s front door.

He settled in to wait, munching on a vole and drinking from a bottle of milk he had discovered left on the doorstep of the Militia House. There were people going in and out of the gates regularly, delivering various things. He saw the milkman dropping off fresh milk, and when he brought his cart out, one of the Militia blokes went over to him and there was some sort of argument, though Tepic could not hear what it was about.

No revelation came to him as to how to get into the building though, and he was about to give up for the day when the front door opened and that odd chap Cagernak came storming out. Tepic shrank back against the wall, that bloke had a strange knack of seeing stuff that was hidden, but he seemed intent on his errand.

It wasn’t long before he returned, Miss Bookworm in tow. The boy wondered if he should nip downstairs and alert the Militia that she was being kidnapped, but somehow it looked more as if she was following the weirdo. They vanished inside, leaving the lad hopping from foot to foot in indecision. Thankfully, there was a downpipe from the gutter at the courtyard side of the roof, so he was able to relieve his tension before settling down to watch again.

Time passed slowly while on watch, and it seemed many hours later that Miss Bookworm reappeared, followed by a downcast looking Lisa. They came straight over to the Militia House and entered, he heard the door close behind them. Desperate to find out what had happened, and if Lisa needed help, he ran the length of the roof and dropped lightly onto the top of the stairs. Taking them two or more at a time he reached the bottom at high speed and skidded round to dash up to the Courtyard Door, hammering to be let in.


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