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Keepers of the Vole

 Lilith sighs as she looks at the burnt remains of her bed, it was late everyone had mostly left the Plank. She lowered her ears, whimpering softly as her right ear twitches. She looks around, as she realizes Beryl is standing next to her “B…beryl. Wh..why would Squire…why would he burn my bed… I never did him any wrong, I thought.”

There was not much to be said, except in commiseration.  After a few minutes Beryl looked at her and asked if she would prefer to go somewhere safe for the night.

They left the Plank and Beryl locked the door behind him as they were the last to leave.  It would be the first night the Plank had been completely empty for weeks.  

As Lilith and Beryl went through the upper area they tried to avoid stepping on any of the poor urchins who were sleeping on small mattresses and covered in blankets.  They descended towards the Vole and found that Tepic was busy wiping down his table.

The cat spoke up to catch the fox boys attention, “Lilith has no place to go.”

Tepic looked up from his chore and looked thoughtful for a moment, “Well, she can always stay here… or up at Loki’s…”

Lilith slowly looked around, it had been some time since she had last been in the Sneaky Vole and her ears perking up a bit as she nods, “Here is not bad… its hidden…”

Tepic looks to Lilith “Yer know Loki’s place, Lilith?” She nodded and Tepic smiled warmly, “Good, always best to know of a few bolt holes….”

Lilith bit her lip, and then asked something that had just occurred to her, “Maybe I could help out around here… bartend and stuff.  It can’t be hard–I made medicinal stuff in the past so making a drink can not be that much harder.”

Tepic seemed pleased as he pondered this development, and then giggled, “Well why not, usually people just help themselves an’ put money or stuff in the box, if they have any…..”

Lilith felt her spirits rise as she found herself unexpectedly employed, “Maybe we can talk to Cyan.. get special drinks made from the brewery for here?”

Tepic thought about his hidden still, but he nodded,  “Could always do with more small beer…. an be good fer someone to keep the stove going an’ stew hot….” Lilith replied excitedly, “I can do that and more.  I can make different stews and soups as supplies are brought in but I can always keep some gruel out that is easy and a common supply thing to make.”

Lilith twitches her tail a bit as a small trickle of blood coming from her nose warned her it was time, before pulling a small vial from her belt and a syringe, ” It would be good.. I mean, I can’t touch it, but the others will love it!

Tepic looked a bit shocked at what lilith said, “Yer can’t drink small beer?  What yer drinkin then?”

“Water, and anything that does not have alcohol in it… which is funny as my medicine has some in…just low dosage.”

Tepic shakes his head in disbelief, ”Blimey, yer drink the water? it’s no wonder yer sick!” Lilith giggles and smiles “I only drink water that is boiled and at least can be seen though” she giggled.

Beryl had watched the exchange silently, though he seemed pleased with the sudden development as he commented, “With all your responsibilities, Tepic, you could use some help keeping the Vole staffed and helpful.”

“True, I ain’t here most of the time…”  Tepic commented slightly and then turned towards Lilith, “Thought yer had a bed at the Plank?”

Lilith’s face fell and Beryl took the time to explain what had happened, and the fox was surprised by the Squire’s outburst.  It would seem that he’d have to spread the word that leaving things at the Plank these days would get them burned!

“It’s been going on for some time, Emerson is tearing into Malus, Malus is lashing back, Lottie tried baking him a pie, he wanted to sell me to a circus–up until now it’s been very funny.”

Tepic giggled, “You could make a fortune in a circus, Strifeclaw!”

“But I already make money as a mascot…no wait Emerson doesn’t pay me for that.”  Beryl leaned in close to his two friends and whispered.  “I don’t need it.  Dr. Maddox and Solsen fought to ensure that I would still receive some of my wages while I was recovering.  Something about being shot while on duty.”  

He laid back a bit, feeling that this was what it must be like to be (the lazy) Victor Mornington, as Lilith and Tepic laughed.  Lilith rolled up her sleeve and gave herself the shot, which Tepic watched with a little fascination and then when she was done he gave her the good news, “Recon yer got yerself a job – pay is what we can scrounge ter eat, which is usually decent, whatever yer can drink, an a dip inter the cash box if yer ever needs some readys….

“Errrrr…. actually, the pay is bout same as any other urchin can have…..” Tepic confessed.  

Lilith thinks as she starts to fiddle with the claw on her necklace and smiles a bit”thanks… Leon helps me alot I know but … feel weird he does… I meen he even gave me that necklace he made said it will bring me luck and never asks for anything in return”. Tepic grins and giggles a bit “Hehehehh, maybe he’s sweet on yer!” Thinking on this causes Lilith to turn a bright red and look down, her tail curling around herself. Beryl giggle purs as he sees this “Could be.”

Lilith thinks a bit still blushing as she has now got to play with her tail a bit “guess I will have to let him know we will be here more, sure that Junie and Emerson might not like the lack of a few regulars..” Beryl nods  “I will let her know that you will not be coming by as often.” Tepic nods and smiles “well I got to go check my traps, Busy life it is! You’se in charge, Lilith!” He says as he heads on out.

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  1. Lottie Lottie March 21, 2013

    Just for clarification: the bed that was burned was left on the floor, in an open area of a public establishment?

    • Beryl Strifeclaw Beryl Strifeclaw March 21, 2013

      Yes, Lottie, that is correct.  Malus had some justification in removing it from the premises.  Destroying it though was…excessive force?  *Tries to think of a better way to put it, but gives up.*

      It did work out for everyone in the end though, so that’s the important thing.

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