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June 29 Testing Thread

Okay folks. This is a work-in-progress version of a New Babbage Community site, intended as an eventual replacement for the Ning. Most of the requirements are installed and working, but things are clearly in motion. Interface especially, and finding the links to do all the stuff you want to do. For example:

  • The Ning lets you create new content by clicking links near the blog/discussion/image areas; Community puts those links in the right column.
  • Posting new content to the Ning only involves a few choices; posting it here involves a bewildering array of choices. They’re optional, but possibly confusing.
  • You have to send someone a message from their avatar profile – there’s no Inbox link

The good news is that (unlike the Ning) it’s all – or mostly – fixable. Please post your feedback and improvement suggestions to this thread as you poke around, and we’ll fix or improve them as best we can. It’s all ours, too – we don’t have to wait for a company to add a feature or change something we don’t like – so don’t be shy about imagining ideal solutions to things. Mods: please create new accounts and let the archivist know so he can give you mod privileges.


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  1. Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger June 30, 2010

    the rich text option is being wonky format wise when you paste in from Word (re: my test blog post)

    • archivist archivist June 30, 2010

      Try again, Jed? I turned on a “Force cleanup on standard paste” option in the WYSIWYG config.

      • Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger July 4, 2010

        Apparently the text I pasted in had some hypertext tags that didn’t want to behave.  Gonna try again straight out of Word, and I will try some pastes out of Open Office this week.

  2. Ceejay Writer Ceejay Writer June 30, 2010

    Late to the party as usual!  So far, I’m finding everything I need and haven’t managed to break anything. Yet. What could possibly go wrong?  I think it looks FANTASTIC thus far, might I add!

    I have a question, though.  Will this new community be purged before it’s opened to the public?  Or will anything I add here be able to stay put?    That’ll help me know how much to dump in here – and whether I should simply make my own personal move here and leave the Ning behind *now*. 



    • Greg Merryman Greg Merryman July 1, 2010

      I think cleaning up the comments might be good practice for the mods. And hopefully no one’s feeling would get hurt for having their posts deleted for a change :)

      I just noticed the firefox spell checker does not work in this rich text box… bummer.


  3. Lia Bilavio Lia Bilavio June 30, 2010

    There’s a few broken profile images on the activity fee, namely ones for Jed and I. I wasn’t sure if we initially had specifications on avatar image sizes, so I uploaded a new one that was 128×128, but it seems to have not changed anything.

    • archivist archivist July 1, 2010

      I noticed that there were some broken images for you and Jed earlier, but both of them seem to be coming through cleanly now. Maybe it dumped cache at at some point and the shrunk-down avatar-sized images got created properly? Are they coming through for you?

      • Lia Bilavio Lia Bilavio July 1, 2010

        nope, mine are still not showing. We’ll see when I post this if it’s the same.



        Not showing up in either safari or firefox. I opened up the image link to see if that did anything, and the link doesn’t seem to bring up any image whatsoever, nor a broken image despite being in the exact same format as all the other images.

        • Greg Merryman Greg Merryman July 2, 2010

          Showing up for me… firefox/xp. I’ll fire up a mac and take a look.



  4. archivist archivist July 3, 2010

    The 32×32 images are coming through for me in this layout, and the smaller ones on the front page work fine for everyone except Lia. Very odd. Lia – maybe try uploading your image again? Maybe it just didn’t create it correctly the first time?

  5. Lia Bilavio Lia Bilavio July 3, 2010


    I tested it on the windows with firefox (I’ve never visited the site before on that computer) and still nothing. I uploaded a new image right after the fact as I thought it might solve things.

    This is indeed strange, but if it’s something on my end, I’ll try to figure it out.

    • Lia Bilavio Lia Bilavio July 3, 2010

      It’s just the ones on the frontpage that aren’t coming in, not the ones in the thread replies or anywhere else.

      • Lia Bilavio Lia Bilavio July 3, 2010

        Uploaded a jpg this time and it seems to come through. Something didn’t like the png I suppose.

        • Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger July 4, 2010

          it won’t let me change my picture at all now…

  6. Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger July 4, 2010

    ok, it apparently doesn’t like PNG for my page icons (firefox/XP).


    I can’t get into some of the other open threads.  Is this on purpose?

    • archivist archivist July 4, 2010

      Okay, weird. Elleon was saying the same thing. What do you see when you try?

    • Aeolus Cleanslate Aeolus Cleanslate July 4, 2010

      I just tried poking around as an authorized user and didn’t have any issues. Is there a particular thread or two that you can’t see? Or is everything blocked?

  7. Stargirl Macbain Stargirl Macbain July 4, 2010

    Hey, has anyone noticed that the “Blogs” section at the bottom of the front-page hasn’t updated with the new posts? 

    • archivist archivist July 4, 2010

      Ack! You’re right! I had forgotten to put a “sort by published date descending” criterion in the view. Nice catch!

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