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June 19th – Construction and therapy halted due to Dr. Dinosaur

Arnold stared at the crew, struggling to keep his temper under control…and failing,  “So…instead of fixing the roof, and the clock tower…you’ve been building…fountains to the raptor…in his honor.  In the middle of the surgical theater.”  Arnold’s eye and body twitched slightly.  It had been doing that a lot of late when dealing with the crew and their unstable forewoman.

“Yes,”  She said with a grin.  “I thought you’d be happy.”

What in perdition made you think that this would make me happy?!”  He shouted.

“Because the raptor is going to make it all better…”  Bea said cheerfully, and he gripped his face with his paws.  Seeing his distress she got an idea and lead him around to the other side of the surgical theater, and the door there. “Whenever I feel unsure I come out here and look at the city…and then I feel better.”

Arnold looked at her blankly, and then glanced outside and saw a strange device he had certaintly never authorized to be placed there…and he doubted it was Canergak’s or Lionhearts. 

He inspected it for a few moments, and could feel Id stiring.  He always saw that as a bad sign and he turned to Bea who was now staring forward and looked happy.  “The raptor will make everything all right.  You’ll see.”

Arnold had seen Dr. Maddox put people under hypnosis before…but this wasn’t quite the same kind of trance.  He turned back to the device and wondered if it was the cause.  If so he should probably stop looking at it…even though now that he thought about it being seperated from his dream self was probably adventageous in this respect…even if he would wind up like those Fae he encountered one day…

He considered removing the device, but it seemed to be drilled into the wall and covered in a strange glue.  He’d talk to Heliotrope about it soon, but first he had to contact doctor Maddox.


Dear Dr,

Do not come to New Babbage for my therapy.  Work crew is being stupid.  Your safety is a concern.  My attention needed.   Therapy resume when construction secure.

P.S.  Not an attempt to avoid you.

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  1. Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire July 11, 2012

    Dear Arnold,

     You come to Mondrago when you’re finished yelling at the crew. Will wait months if necessary.

    ~ Maddox

    p.s. You couldn’t avoid me if you tried, kitty cat.

  2. Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein July 11, 2012

    ((::dying of laughter:: “Work crew is being stupid” Oh gawd! I love it!))

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