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June: 188X

Left Biographer on board the Klaw as I went into town with Agent Tux.

Entered Cuffs, there was a group of stinking primates and…other undetermined species of mammals.  The undetermined swore up and down it was a human! and not some bizarre form of what the primates call “moreu’s”.  It’s obviously delusional!!!!

I’ve forgotten why I came down here originally…..oh yes, right, to investigate the effects of the hypno receivers.  I had returned the smelly mammal’s greetings with likewise meaningless drivel that only a useless mammal could tolerate, then subtley enquired if any of those gathered felt particularly in a surrendering mood, or willing to follow the orders of a superior species.

The responses were…..dissapointing.  I suspect the frequency of the transmitter needs adjusting to incorporate all mental types…….UNLESS IT IS SABOTAGE!!!!  I FOUND THAT UNFAMILIAR AUTOMOTON IN THE BASEMENT!!!!  I MADE AN EXAMPLE OF IT!!!! 

er….reguardless, the effects of the hypno waves does appear to be affecting some, a few of the public laborers, rail workers, and hobos seem affected, some urchins, and a couple others, but more work needs to be done, it’s hardly the army I would hope for.

Then, there was the cat there….I’ve only seen him in passing,  but the feline makes me uneasy…..he has issues.

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  1. Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire June 22, 2012

    *Maddox laughs* Of course he has issues! He’s breathing, isn’t he?

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