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June 15th 188X: Visual Record of Metalraptor #27

The metalraptor plummeted down from the deck of the Klaw, passing by clouds as water came into view.   The construct hit the surface of the Venrian like a cannonball, swimming towards port.

It pulled itself up onto a dock, and standing up to it’s full height, paused as it blew muddy, sooty black water from it’s smokestacks until just good healthy smoke chugged out, then went on it’s way.

It had been set to locate the last signal of the missing receiver, and repair or replace it, and remove any corpses that might have been exploded when the security device went off. 

The metalraptor zigzagged through the streets of Babbage, making it’s way to Wheatstone and the mental asylum.


It was in Academy, attempting to recalibrate it’s bearings, when it heard voices, immediatly freezing in an awkward pose as a young couple walked by, the man looked at the brass and iron construct, “what an ugly statue.”  his female nodded and responded “well, when the Raptor comes, he’ll make all our statues more pretty…”  The young man gave her a look “are you feeling alright?”  “of course, why?”   The two wandered off in the beginning’s of a major argument brewing as metalraptor unfroze and slinked away down an alley.


Eventually it reached the asylum, and leaping onto a pipe, made it’s way to the balcony the previous receiver had been.  It looked around, seeing some scortchmarks and a couple peices of twisted metal bits, took a pictogram to report later, and set to work.

It took out the satchel, opening it up and pulling out a new mentouk receiver,  a steam drill it quickly connected to itself, and a jar of some brackish substance.


Drilling a series of holes into the brickwork, the metalraptor worked quickly, once the holes were drilled, it took the jar, labelled ‘Jurassic Glue’  and applied a large glob in the middle of the series of holes, quickly taking the receiver and squishing it down on the glue.  The automoton then switched attachments on the drill, to a screwdriver, and after applying a small amount of glue into each hole, quickly wound screws in, affixing the device to the brickwork of the balcony.  The metalraptor then adjusted the device, picking up the signal from the transmitter onboard the Klaw.  Standing up to it’s full height, the metal raptor hopped off the pipe into the darkness below and stalked away.


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  1. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold July 17, 2012

    *Arnold found the new device there the following day and growled, and then set off contacting the different clockworks again.*

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