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July 29th Part 5: A cornered rat, Gilhooly

It became quiet above, and Gil nervously crept to the door to listen very quietly, and then had snuck back softly and pointed at the stairs, indicating that it was there.

“He couldn’t be there, Gil, that’s secret!” Tepic argued, but Arnold was worried the clockworks he had broken would reveal where the door must have been as it was clean when he shut it later.  If nothing else it would look suspicious…

The cat cursed as the doorway from above was opened and he ran out the door for the sewer.  Gil screamed from behind as the raptor charged, stopping short to screech before rushing the door.

Arnold held up the device and ran out into the sewer shouting on two legs shouting, “I’m over here!  I’ve got what you want!”

He didn’t look back as he ran away from the pursuing clockwork, running down the sewer, reaching the Ganplank, and charging up the stairs.

He passed the patrons, Junie, and Malus, screaming, “Hi, ignore me, bye!”  

There were bemused looks, but Junie granted him his wish as he ran out.  As he reached the outside he stopped running.  Something was wrong, besides Malus who’d yelled one thing there had been nothing from them, and it was quiet now…why weren’t the patrons screaming about the raptor tearing through?  

The only explanation was that it hadn’t chased him at all…it had gone after the others.  He hadn’t seen them even make it out the door behind him.  The cat ran back to the power station, terrified that his friends had already been killed, taking a moment to drop the device in a small corner of the sewer.  

He heard the screeching and yelling from Gil as he got back.  The rat had run into the chess room, the pieces had been scattered and Gil was begging for his life, clutching his side, as it closed on him, “…please dinna eat me! I know where the kitty is!”  

The raptor charged, and Arnold kicked open the door the rest of the way shouting, “I’m here!

The clockwork stopped and turned towards him as it skid to a halt, Gilhooly knocked to the ground by its metal tail.  It eyed Arnold who roared at the mechanical monster.  

His heart was racing as the clockwork stalked towards him, but it gave Gil time to get to his feet, but he’d never get around the raptor.  The cat looked about the room.  Tepic was nowhere in sight, there were several large pipes to his right and a table to the far left.  The only other thing was a hanging light, which the fast thinking urchin leapt for, revealing what might have been a bite wound on his side as he clambered up the electric light, swinging from it as the light danced across the room creating shadows upon the walls.

The raptor stalked ever closer to the cat, who hissed at him and then it dived at Arnold who jumped to the left and ran past the dinosaur towards a small table in the corner.  If only that energy could have exploded on this clockwork!  

Gilhooly swung from his wire dangerously, and he tried to swing the light bulb to break into the raptor as he shouted, “Do sumfin, anyfin!

The raptor swatted at the light momentarily distracted.  Arnold took his chance to grab the tables nearest leg.  He put his foot against the rest and pushed while he pulled, putting all his strength into breaking off the wooden beam, and finally a piece broke away.  

The clockwork turned away from Gil and back towards the cat.  It started to run at him, but the cat surprised its logic centers as he charged it and leapt for its throat.  He reached around the metal neck and wrapped his arms and legs around it.

He was thrown about as it tried to throw him off, the small metal arms attempting to scratch at him as it thrashed itself about.  The cat grit his teeth as his hat went flying and held tight, moving his head to see the flywheel.  Metal claws brushed against his tail, and the cats heart stopped for a moment as he clung to the beast and let out a cats shriek, his tail now wrapping around it too.  He’d have choked anyone else with his grip.

The raptor began to shake him back and forth more violently than ever, and then trying in vain to reach his frame with its arms.  He had to move before the raptor tried something else, he let go with one arm and raised the leg as he was thrown about, and retreated back as the raptor whipped its jaws around trying to bite him.  He reached again and stabbed the leg into the spokes of the flywheel!

Only a small bit managed to get lodged inside, but it jammed the wheel as the leg tilted up.  The raptor shuddered as the necessary component tried to spin and failed.  It moved about and then collapsed to its side, Arnold still holding on and now partially crushed.

The cat for the life of him could not believe that had worked…or that they were alive as he grunted in pain as the heavy thing pinned one of his arms and legs.  But then he realized it wasn’t over yet…and worse the entire city might be endangered…

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